• Inspired by Jon Stewart, he performed jokes about the president of Egypt by name, even mockingly dressing like him in sketches.

    CNN: Tell jokes, go to jail

  • When the compadritos mockingly meshed these extravagant gestures with the more static embraces of the European dances then popular in Buenos Aires, tango emerged.

    BBC: World Tango Festival

  • In the little lake below the lawns, hundreds of salmon leapt mockingly.

    FORBES: Salmon Or Cognac, The Temptations of An Idyllic Refuge in Connemara

  • Pure greed, Lei had said, shaking his head mockingly when she had told him that this was what she had dreamed of for their marriage.

    NEWYORKER: Alone

  • Once, in middle school, he was surrounded in the cafeteria by classmates who taunted him for carrying his violin and suggested, mockingly, that he play it.

    NEWYORKER: A Loaded Gun

  • During his ill-starred speech to the European Parliament, Mr Berlusconi mockingly reassured his critics that the presidency is only for six months and would soon be over.

    ECONOMIST: Berlusconi��s blunder

  • Previously the local authorities mockingly suggested that the church construct a new building in a protected nature reserve in which all construction is illegal, a humorously Kafkaesque solution.

    FORBES: Pastor of Recently-Demolished Pentecostal Church Arrested

  • Johnson's plan to close sections of some roads to general traffic so VIPs and competitors are not delayed -- mockingly called "Zil lanes" after their use in Soviet Russia -- is proving controversial.

    CNN: London mayoral election: Battle of the buses

  • Meeting Rice and Gates at his residence outside Moscow, he mockingly warned the United States not to rush in debasing parts of its planned missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

    NPR: Rice, Gates Appeal to Moscow for Missile Defense

  • The group was started in Leipzig by performance artist Alf Thum -- who Apple Front members mockingly call the "Fuhrer" -- in 2004 in response to an increase in neo-Nazi marches in the city.

    CNN: Armed with satire, German group challenges neo-Nazis

  • National identity is celebrated noisily, slightly mockingly.


  • '' Against her wishes, he plots to rip off a trio of evil farmers, and the film turns into a modly surreal, underground-burrowing heist yarn, with Clooney as self-mockingly sympathetic as he is in the Ocean's films.

    CNN: Review: 'Mr. Fox' is fantastic

  • Johan, an egomaniacal monster whose great charm derives from the force of his unyielding will, might live and laugh mockingly forever always at the expense of those who are, somehow, drawn to his strength and subjected to his brutality.

    NEWYORKER: Saraband

  • Her mouth gaped mockingly.

    NEWYORKER: The Reptile Garden

  • Keller recounts how Secretary Powell mockingly "rolled his eyes" as he recounted how Mr. Reagan -- for whom then-General Powell worked as the National Security Advisor -- actually believed that the Strategic Defense Initiative could transform the nature of the security threat we faced from the USSR.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • The best-known case may be that of Kareem Amer, the pseudonym of an expelled student from al-Azhar University, who blogged about violent clashes between Christians and Muslims (often a taboo subject), mockingly referred to President Mubarak as a deity, and criticized Muslim leaders for their obsequious support of him.

    NEWYORKER: The Contenders

  • Supposing Americans were too deficient in Islamic history to notice that his mosque project was part of something Rauf mockingly called " The Cordoba Initiative , " he was only stopped after a few alert fact-checkers pointed out that Cordoba was the seat of the Iberian Peninsula Caliphate for some 800 years.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Ignoring the call to Islam will bring jihad

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