• Since then, and also thanks to the continued leakage of low-quality Russian diamonds, the price of low-quality diamonds has done the unthinkable and collapsed.


  • But allegations of financial conflicts of interest flew, and the panel's chairman, Thomas Whalen , argued that the data presented had been of low quality.

    FORBES: Breast Implants, Bextra And Fair Disclosure

  • Around 70% of Brazilians own their own homes, but many of these (around 85%, Mr Paim de Andrade estimates) are self-built one room at a time, and are of low quality.

    ECONOMIST: A housing boom has investors swooning

  • Since Google ranks sites partially by the quality of sites that link to them, he painstakingly contacted every site that seemed to be of low quality and linked to MySolitaire, asking them to remove their links, sometimes even sending cease-and-desist letters.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Minimum wage laws prevent employers from taking advantage of low-quality labor at low prices.

    FORBES: Only Cure For Economic Depression Is Depression

  • This was a legacy of communism when contraceptives were either unavailable or of incredibly low quality while abortion was provided free of charge.

    FORBES: Connect

  • But RIMM and Android will still have a tonnage of low-quality handset apps.

    FORBES: Apple Doesn't Have an iPad Strategy, It has a Post-PC Strategy

  • Hence the rising sales figures in the face of low food quality scores.

    FORBES: People Don't Think McD's Has Great Food... But Does it Matter?

  • Hundreds of thousands of low-quality patents had been approved under the permissive rules the Federal Circuit had developed during the 1990s.

    FORBES: Specialist Patent Courts Are Part Of The Problem

  • Mr Altman is especially worried by the large amount of low-quality debt issued in recent years, much of it to finance private-equity deals.

    ECONOMIST: Business and the credit crunch

  • Prof Elliot from QUB said the substitution of "low quality, low value materials for the true foodstuff has plagued food production for centuries".

    BBC: Burgers

  • Last year it yielded 21 million tons of low-quality coal that was hauled by rail to power stations slaking the country's desperate hunger for energy.

    FORBES: Squash The Caterpillar

  • Private equity groups seeking deals have targeted 20% to 60% discounts on the loan sales, buying collections of low-quality, performing and non-performing loans, according to DTZ.

    WSJ: Love Among the Ruins

  • Sprint (nyse: FON - news - people ) already offers a video service called MobiTV to its customers, offering about 20 channels of low-quality video.

    FORBES: Qualcomm's Field Of Streams

  • Having a lot of low-quality pages hanging off your site will also drag down your overall ranking--even for pages that feature the kind of content Google wants to promote.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The company is still dealing with the problem of low-quality ore from the mine, which forced the company to significantly reduce its copper production outlook for the year.

    FORBES: Indonesian Miners Strike Another Blow For Freeport At Grasberg

  • The United Muslim Christian Forum, a friendly-sounding "interfaith" group issued a press release on September 18 demanding the prosecution of the makers of the low-quality Innocence of Muslims film that appeared on YouTube.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • All of this suggests that Big Data will not only be a revolution in data management and search, but that it will also likely bring to the fore a whole new generation of hot companies specializing in building and selling new tools for mining vast amounts of low-quality data for the rare nuggets.

    FORBES: The Big Data Gold Rush

  • Named after a much-mocked hairstyle that's short and neat in front but long and unkempt in back, mullet strategists maintain a spiffy, well-groomed front page they can show to advertisers while serving most of their actual page views on a constellation of low-quality discussion boards, sexed-up celebrity news bits and user- or auto-generated content.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Touch has been in the marketplace for a while on Windows PCs but never took off either due to lack of a touch-optimized OS and apps, low quality quality experience of resistive touch controllers on previous devices, and in many cases the requirement for a pen versus a finger.

    FORBES: Intel Can Boost the PC Category

  • In a recent survey of 700 international business professionals by Interbrand, a consultancy, 80% of respondents cited low quality as an important barrier to the sale of Chinese products abroad.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese business

  • Firms complain of high administrative costs and the low quality of applicants.

    ECONOMIST: Unemployment

  • He says an ample portion of its low-quality debt could still be salvaged with good management.

    CNN: Laying the blame for the Bank of Commerce troubles

  • We cannot even reach the level of low-cost quality coming out of China and Vietnam.

    FORBES: The Crotty Plan: Cut 25% Off the Federal Budget Now

  • The inconsistencies might be high prices but no competition, or high uptake of a low-quality service.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • The vast quantities of information, of high and low quality, has helped fracture our politics and, perversely, degraded the political debate.

    FORBES: 'Homeland' and the Age of Information Overload

  • Capable of producing both low quality machine-stitched soccer balls and high quality thermal-sealed balls (like the ones we see in the World Cup), China is a double threat to Pakistan.

    FORBES: The World Cup's Hidden Competitors

  • Scotland plugged away in a tense last few minutes looking for a final score as Argentina were forced to hang on after looking so comfortable for much of a low-quality affair.

    CNN: Argentina clinch final semi place

  • Other custodians (Schwab, Fidelity) will execute a large number of high quality low cost proprietary ETFs for no charge while imposing nominal ticket charges on the rest of the ETF universe.

    FORBES: ETFs Are Friendly On Fees But Not Always Your Best Bet

  • But overseas, cell phones are sold at a wide range of kiosks, which is part of the reason why cell phones have a relatively low level of retail quality in many emerging countries and regions, such as India, Russia, southeast Asia, etc.

    FORBES: To Buy Or Not to Buy: Strategies That Make Sense For Apple

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