• Could it be that audiences are tired of sequels and movies based on videogames (Prince of Persia) and old TV shows (The A-Team)?


  • Additional comic characters of the ''dzad'' (old man) and ''baba'' (old lady), played by a young girl and boy respectively, interact with the audience.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • But the team holds the best record in baseball (along with the Cincinnati Reds), and it features a 19 year old (Bryce Harper) who, according to Tom Boswell of The Washington Post, was the best offensive player in baseball since August 29, leading the league in runs, extra-base hits, and on-base-plus-slugging percentage (1.106) with 10 homers.

    FORBES: Baseball in October Is the Ultimate Productivity Buster

  • The European Central Bank (ECB) has abandoned its old stance (and credibility) by launching a program to purchase government and corporate debt.

    FORBES: The Bailout Era

  • The reptiles, which are about a year old and about 50cm (20in) to a metre in length, disappeared earlier this month.

    BBC: Komodo dragons missing from Indonesian zoo

  • Two senior members of staff have been suspended from the Olympic Legacy Directorate (OLD), a department within the LDA, following the discovery.

    BBC: Funding gap in Olympics accounts

  • He wants us to inhabit the ordinariness of life, which is sometimes visionary (the Constable sketch), sometimes banal (the cup of tea, the Old Spice), and sometimes momentous (the death of a parent), but all of it perforce ordinary because it happens in the course of a life, and happens, in different forms, to everyone.

    NEWYORKER: Total Recall

  • This lovely movie, the first feature to come out of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, is about a twelve-year-old girl (Marina Golbahari) who dresses as a boy in order to get work and winds up with dozens of prepubescent boys in a madrassa, where she is subjected to nonstop Koranic recitation and bizarre lectures about sex.

    NEWYORKER: Osama

  • "DC has a harder time of it than Marvel because their characters are (from) an old, a bygone era, where characters were bigger than we were, " he said.

    CNN: Hollywood brings out big guns for a superhero summer

  • Tui Mitcham (Jacqueline Joe) is the 12-year-old daughter of a rustic drug lord, Matt Mitcham (Peter Mullan).

    WSJ: Bates Motel on A&E; Top of the Lake on Sundance: Television Reviews by Nancy deWolf Smith

  • Next door to the family lives a grouchy old woman (Ann Guilbert) who is visited by her two granddaughters a virtuous wallflower (Rebecca Hall) and a selfish, hard-nosed cosmetician (Amanda Peet).

    NEWYORKER: Please Give

  • She contrasts a robust old order (patriarchy, community and work) with a demoralised new one (dandification, me-ism and shopping).

    ECONOMIST: American men

  • He followed up with hilarious ads depicting a little old lady going to her bank branch (a rival) and discovering that it's been turned into a wine bar.

    FORBES: Brisk and brusque

  • But, although it is a very tall order, Lancashire's last two games are against the top two - against Somerset at Taunton next week (7-10 September), followed by a home date with Notts at Old Trafford (13-16 September).

    BBC: Lancashire keep their nerve to see off Hampshire

  • So in the past few years, Anglo American (mining), Billiton (mining), Old Mutual (insurance), South African Breweries and Dimension Data (a hugely successful information-technology company) have all sought primary listings elsewhere.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of South Africa

  • Six years ago, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), a guarded thirty-year-old corporate lawyer, fell for Dex (Colin Egglesfield), her law-school study partner, but stood idly by as he took up with her lifelong best friend, the loud, aggressive, uninhibited Darcy (Kate Hudson).

    NEWYORKER: Something Borrowed

  • Michael Nyqvist plays a slightly boring journalist named Blomkvist, who is hired by a rich old man (Sven-Bertil Taube) to probe the disappearance of a teen-age girl, forty years before.

    NEWYORKER: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • Sugar operated using a three-year old Dell (DELL) server and it was growing fast so it was considering buying a new one to add to its ability to handle more business.

    FORBES: Why Egnyte's Vineet Jain Wants to Make His Employees Rich

  • Since March 2008, BBC News and Sport have been making a transition from the old pop-up (Real and Windows) player to a new embedded player.

    BBC: Your guide to the BBC Embedded Media Player

  • The bedroom flows into a kind of bush spa: indoor shower (constructed of stout old railway ties), round gas fireplace (nights can be chilly), and a claw-foot copper soaking tub positioned before one of the two mesh picture windows.

    FORBES: Lifestyle Feature

  • His film, Scent of a Mystery (with Peter Lorre as a dirty old man named Smiley), was the premiere and finale of Smell-O-Vision, in which odors were pumped into the theater from the projection room at pre-established cues.

    FORBES: Flops

  • The skinny kid from Kalamazoo, Michigan has gone on to accumulate the most hits in interleague history (345), the most hits by a shortstop, the most hits in the old Yankee Stadium (1, 274) and the only player to eclipse 3, 000 hits while wearing a Yankee uniform.

    FORBES: Connect

  • After a recent intermission, her attempts to tame Ayala (2 years old) and Opher (1 year old) convinced her to go back to cancer research and save humanity instead: a much easier challenge, all things considered.

    UNESCO: 2007 UK and Ireland Winners

  • Staff give tours Monday through Saturday that take in the reception area (Minnie Ripperton worked the desk) and main studio (designed by a 21-year-old newbie who inadvertently created the room's remarkable sound).

    BBC: Chicago's jazz and blues shrines

  • Would-be contributor 23-year-old Josh Wolfe(ph) has a wait-and-see attitude about what was formerly called INdTV.

    NPR: Cable Channel Looks to 'Democratize' TV

  • At Old Republic International (ORI), a filing with the SEC revealed that on Wednesday, CEO Aldo C.

    FORBES: Thursday 11/1 Insider Buying Report: ORI, LGP

  • Set around a sweet courtyard, hung unsurprisingly with red lanterns, Red Lantern House is located down a hutong (old alleyway).

    BBC: Mini guide to Beijing

  • And (a bit more old school) Loganair has just passed its 50th birthday.

    BBC: Stuck on the runway

  • Thirty-seven-year-old Zakira Zaki(ph) is a parliamentary candidate from Parwan province northwest of Kabul.

    NPR: Doubts Linger Over Afghan Election

  • In other words, if we cured all diseases and prevented all accidents, people would still die (of old age) in a narrow bell curve distribution centered on 85.

    FORBES: Memo To Paul Ryan: It's Time To Think About Plan B

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