• Most importantly though, one should find pragmatic solutions to solve the recurrent norms dispute the EU and the US have frequently had (i.e. on low-key issues such as beef hormones).

    FORBES: Obama And Romney: And The Loser Is?

  • The team also presented, discussed and distributed materials on UNESCO's key on-going activities in the field of, e.g.


  • The re-write has focussed on two key areas - under what circumstances contracts can be handed out without competition and to what extent anti-competitive practices are allowed.

    BBC: Reforms row should act as a warning

  • Yet, we find ourselves at a point where thanks to opposition from a minority of the Senate - opposition that seems rooted more in partisan posturing than in legitimate differences on substantive matters - key provisions of the Patriot Act may be allowed to lapse.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: 50 Patriot Act supporters warn against Act's lapse

  • Even Bill Clinton, no stranger to the admiration of crowds, spent presidential capital building support one-on-one with key members of Congress.

    WSJ: Henninger: The State of Obama

  • The worry is that if Mr Byers cannot make up his mind on relatively low-key issues like milk and ice cream, how will he be able to resist the far more serious pressures that will be exerted on him over car prices and supermarkets, both currently the subject of competition inquiries?

    ECONOMIST: Stephen Byers is making a mess of competition policy

  • The Games Lanes are located in one lane in either or both directions on key roads linking Olympic venues - they are in place on 30 miles of key London roads.

    BBC: London 2012 Olympic Route Network Q&A

  • They agreed years ago to help support with their tax dollars and land a statewide, throw-away-the-key, tough-on-crime mentality.

    FORBES: Too Much Success? Texas Reform Leaves Communities On The Hook For Empty Prisons

  • Robinson plays outlaw-on-the-run Johnny Rocco in Key Largo .

    NPR: Answers to the John Huston 'Quotable' Quiz

  • Over the course of 5 days the participants learned best practices of running rural advisory services, particularly, received in-depth information on the methodology and key concepts of agro-consulting, as well as methods of problem solving, including identification and analysis.


  • Clinton's five-hour stopover on March 25 was a low-key affair, brusquely business-like and conspicuously devoid of the enthusiastic celebration of local life that had marked Clinton's triumphal passage across India.

    CNN: The India Tilt

  • We're not putting forward an across-the-board freeze, but rather an overall cap on non-security discretionary funding in which key investments are expanded but we cut back on programs that are ineffective, duplicative, or just wasteful.

    WHITEHOUSE: Share This Post

  • He went on to become a key player on the Livingstone-led Greater London Council during the 1980s when it came under heavy tabloid attack for so-called loony leftism.

    BBC: Ambassador Banks

  • In June I asked Harvard Business School (HBS) Emeritus Professor, Howard Stevenson, his thoughts on five key start-up choices.

    FORBES: HBS's Howard Stevenson: How Start-ups Gain Market Share

  • Bush also attempted to move the ball forward on a key issue--climate change--that he essentially avoided until last year's speech.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He had planned to build a private oil pipeline to China, breaking the state's monopoly on a key foreign-policy lever.

    ECONOMIST: Crime and punishment | The

  • The political goal is to show that Mr. Obama is pro-regulation on some key fronts, but is generally friendly to business.

    WSJ: For Obama, Jobs Are a Focus for Regulations

  • On taking office in August 2008, he vowed to deliver on land reform - a key issue in a predominantly agrarian economy.

    BBC: Paraguay profile

  • How can the EU claim to be a political model for the 21st-century superstate when it remains so backward-looking on this key point?

    FORBES: Current Events

  • Villa's success this season has been built mainly on two key factors - their consistency of selection and their pace and power going forward.

    BBC: Lee Dixon's tactical view

  • On the same day that Encysive got its bad news, Cubist Pharmaceuticals announced a two-month delay on a key new marketing claim for its antibiotic.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Jesus brings East and West together, focusing on his key idea -- that of a gradually realizing kingdom, a mystical space beyond time, though it requires time in order to root and grow.

    CNN: Seeking the truth about Jesus

  • When Fiat took control of the company in 2009, Mr. Marchionne not only retained Mr. Betts, but also gave him far-reaching authority over both Chrysler and Fiat, including final say-so on key product launches.

    WSJ: New Chrysler Battling Old Defects

  • Growers like Mr. Cheek say there is also reason to be optimistic about sales this year, since there has been some good weather on key tree-buying weekends this month and an apparent fondness among 20-somethings to buy real trees, even if they are table-top size.

    WSJ: Fir Real? Christmas Trees in Crisis as Americans Flock to Fakes

  • Since many households use credit cards to manage monthly cash flow for necessities like groceries and gas, "pulling credit at a time when job losses are increasing by over 50% year-on-year in most key states is a dangerous and unprecedented combination, " Whitney wrote in a research note.

    FORBES: Banking

  • The software lists every website visited by users and monitors text in every application - on or offline, saved or not - having been programmed to pick up on key words and phrases.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Education | Schools watch for paedophiles

  • Now the Germans - before a key Merkel-Sarkozy meeting on Tuesday - are saying they want nothing to do with eurobonds because it would weaken fiscal discipline.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis: What Germany can learn from Italy

  • On Wednesday, the Congress-led government won a key vote on the decision in the lower house.

    BBC: India government wins upper house vote on retail reform

  • While a third successive 6-0 victory never looked on the cards in a comparatively low-key Blues display, the result was rarely in doubt aside from a moment midway through the second half when Whelan's superb effort bounced down off the underside of Petr Cech's bar.

    BBC: Chelsea 2-0 Stoke

  • "Credit Suisse Group's core businesses look strong over the long term, and we intend to continue focussing on cost-control efforts and on achieving growth in our key markets, " said Credit Suisse Chief Executive Lukas Muehlemann.

    BBC: Credit Suisse profits plunge

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