• Editors at Poland's newly privatised publishing houses exaggerate, but only to make a valid point, when they say that the only Polish authors who are flourishing today are writers of science-fiction and fantasy novels, Andrzej Sapkowski, Marek Oramus and Rafal Ziemkiewicz prominent among them.

    ECONOMIST: Mass distraction in Poland

  • Michael, You must know by now that research can be slanted any way to make a point. the only point is that marriage and careers take dedication and hard work.

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • Conversely, the smaller ones that might crave awareness will only get it if they make a point of saying nothing relevant, useful, or true (otherwise, their ads might not win in the entertainment ratings).

    FORBES: Bad Decisions And No Results: What You Can Learn From Super Bowl Advertisers' Mistakes

  • Because at Infinity Ward we make a really clear point to make sure we only upgrade the things that are necessary for driving the things and the gameplay experience we want to push for that project.

    FORBES: Call of Duty: Ghosts' Engine Is An Upgrade, Not All-New

  • Not only will a cashless society make paying at any retail point a quicker process, it will also make payment cues either shorter in length or non-existent.

    FORBES: The Perils Of A Cashless Society

  • For as Milton Friedman pointed out the only and sole point of a corporation is to make profits.

    FORBES: Apple's Not Doing It For The Money. No, Really!

  • The optimists point out that it takes only a few moderate legislators to make super-majorities possible.

    ECONOMIST: California

  • All visitors must be on a group tour to enter the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which means that only a few visitors make it as far as the town of Taplejung, the last point of civilization (which itself is gradually recovering from a deadly and destructive earthquake that hit in September 2011).

    BBC: Give me a home where the snow leopards roam

  • Thanks to the OpEd Project, my voice will begin to be heard not only as an academician but also as a thought leader with a point of view that can make a difference in the world.

    FORBES: The Muzzle is Off!

  • On Saturday, the Boston Celtics will come to New York, where they finished off a sweep of Anthony and the Knicks in 2011, back when critics who felt the Knicks gave up too much to acquire the All-Star forward needed only point at the players who remained around him to make their case as the season ended with a whimper.

    WSJ: In his best NBA season, Melo's real work remains

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