• Even so, the equipment-makers argue that, though doable, all this sensing palaver makes white-space devices needlessly complicated and expensive.

    ECONOMIST: Difference Engine

  • Third, like the ITV Digital palaver in the UK, Kirch's troubles represent the final reckoning for the economic exuberance of the 1990s.

    BBC: Q&A: Kirch's insolvency

  • I.s in Korea employed to palaver with shoeshine boys and barmaids?

    CNN: The Trouble with Transcripts

  • And for all the palaver from European officials about a Greek exit being manageable, this exit would (at a minimum) trigger a new intensification of the crisis.

    FORBES: Greece: We Need to Stop Confusing Default with Exit

  • There will also be a lot of pious palaver about the need for more cooperation, better international regulation and new initiatives to fight protectionism and promote free trade.

    FORBES: Weak Dollar = Weak Recovery

  • So one could expect plenty of palaver over Asia's prospects.

    FORBES: Where the Action Is

  • Apart from much jetting around and private palaver among eminent people under U.N. auspices, the chief visible product of the Dialogue was a report, released in book form in the fall of 2001.

    FORBES: Freedom's Edge

  • For all the palaver from politicians and private foundations about the need to eradicate the ghastly and often deadly disease of malaria, health officials still won't vigorously employ the most effective weapon against it: DDT.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Jimmy Carter went to Pyongyang and out of his palaver came the Agreed Framework, in which America, in exchange for a North Korean promise of a nuclear freeze, led the offering of two turnkey reactors, plus a torrent of aid.

    FORBES: Try Real 'Change' Toward North Korea

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