• On Saint Blaise s day, Dubrovnik gathers not only its residents, but all those who pay respect to tradition and the right to one s freedom and peace.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Consider: During the 2009-10 season, Rob Eckert a Michigan student and fervid hockey fan mentioned to his mother, Nancy, that he'd love to fly a giant Swedish flag at home games to pay respect to Hagelin's heritage.

    WSJ: A College Hockey Hero, Now a Rangers Rookie

  • Thus, Mr Medvedev went out of his way to pay respect to the constitution, only to propose a significant change: to extend the presidential term from four to six years, and the parliament's from four to five years.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • "Charcuterie may arrive at the table as humble slices on a rustic cutting board, but "Behind this simple presentation is years of working and learning to get it right, " says chef Harrison Keevil of Brookville Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA. "So when you find that perfect speck or salami, make sure you pay respect to the people that worked really hard to make it perfect.

    FORBES: Charcuterie

  • We pay every respect to the norms of the group, even the colors of rubber bands for our hair, and try not to deviate.


  • Today we pay our respect to those who distinguished themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty - the recipients of the Medal of Honor.


  • "People start to use copyrighted materials, and people started to pay more and more respect to intellectual property, " he said.

    CNN: Presidential debate's global reaction: Disappointment

  • Why, then, would an employer voluntarily agree to pay any employment tax with respect to a worker classified as an independent contractor for a prior period for which the worker was classified as an independent contractor?

    FORBES: Employers Beware of IRS' Illusory Worker Classification Program

  • He said that, "unless we take trouble and nurture, pay our respect and reverence to nature, she's a great deal more powerful than we are".

    BBC: Prince Charles urges 'harmony with nature'

  • If we want to see the world ethically, we ought to be patient and peaceful, keep our eyes and hearts open and pay attention, so to respect and celebrate our infinite variety.

    FORBES: How Can One Travel More Ethically?

  • Make sure that, in order to pay proper (and politically correct) respect to all different ethnic groups in America, you act as if science were on an equal footing with voodoo and history with ethnic fable.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He needs to explain that, although his America will respect human rights and pay more heed to the advice of others, it will not be a pushover: he must avoid the fate of Jimmy Carter, a moralising president who made the superpower look weak.

    ECONOMIST: America's election

  • They will get what we call a say on pay, a voice with respect to the salaries and bonuses awarded to top executives.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Tells Wall Street to Back Reform

  • Although the announcement Ken Feinberg, the federal pay czar, has made with respect to limiting bonuses will undoubtedly be politically popular, what steps, if any, is the government considering to keep the top talent from leaving the U.S. financial community and moving to a more friendly regulatory environment -- considering a brain drain, in essence?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Under the proposed changes, the agencies would have to pay national insurance contributions in respect of their new employees.

    ECONOMIST: Home care

  • They're British boys and girls that we're sending to war and we should pay respect by looking after them correctly.

    BBC: Weston angered by payouts cut bid

  • Most often, villagers share bikes with the community, pay back according to plan, and value and respect the program.

    FORBES: Hipster Must-Haves Mean Life-or-Death in Uganda

  • And with respect to putting forth how one would pay for all of the programs that we're proposing in this campaign, I will be more than happy, Barack, to get the information, because we have searched for it.

    CNN: Part 1 of CNN Democratic presidential debate

  • This made me stop and think, I respect both these men too much not to pay attention to what they said.

    FORBES: Sorry, Mr. Sinatra - I Have Had Quite a Few Regrets in 2012 - and That is Good

  • The NUS wants to see those students gain the pay and the respect at work they have earned.

    BBC: Students' raw deal at work

  • We observed that with respect to investment advisory fees, endowments and foundations pay 40% more than public funds and corporate funds pay 10-15% more.

    FORBES: Emerging New Fiduciary Trends and Developments: Systems of Mass Deception vs. Systems of Enhanced Diligence (September 1, 2003)

  • For the same old reasons: managers fear workers will slack off and workers fear lost face time will translate to lost respect, lost opportunities and lost pay.

    FORBES: Obamas Push For Workplace Flexibility

  • With respect to IRAs, your compensation includes nontaxable combat pay.

    FORBES: Tax Tips for the Military on Memorial Day

  • "We have demonstrated that the bank levy we have introduced does actually ensure that the banks pay a fair share in respect of the risks that they themselves pose to the wider economy, " he said.

    BBC: Finance (No.3) Bill

  • Rumour has it that the bank did not show decent respect to its spiritual neighbour, and was too mean to pay for proper Shinto purification rituals.

    ECONOMIST: There is more than you think to the haunting of Japan

  • "This dispute isn't about getting a pay rise - it's about standing up to bullying and being treated with respect, " it says.

    BBC: BA branded 'brutish' as tempers fray

  • And so we've got to make some hard decisions once again on making sure that the people who are here, we have to give them the kind of respect - we have to give them the kind of services that they pay for.

    NPR: Detroit Mayor Dave Bing On City's Crisis

  • In theory, the greater transparency in respect of what executives are paid, combined with the new compulsion for companies to stick to pay policies agreed with investors, should change the balance of power between investors and boardrooms, in favour of the owning class and away from the managerial class.

    BBC: Will empowered investors curb excessive pay?

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