• We desperately need long-term investment, strategic thinking and, perish the thought, some planning.

    FORBES: Thoughts on China

  • Moreover, what distinguishes the current crop of German film makers is a sense for entertaining audiences and perish the thought getting them to laugh.

    ECONOMIST: New German films

  • So perish the thought that it's all about high finance and no concern of ours outside the rarified atmosphere of the international money markets.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis brings home 'grim' warning to Midlands

  • No, we will not close your branches: perish the thought.

    ECONOMIST: How to make mergers work

  • Perish the thought with Fujitsu, who just launched twelve (count 'em) products into the Japanese market -- including laptops, AIO PCs and a tablet, all sporting Windows 8.


  • Perish the thought, Mr Fischer's men naturally say.

    ECONOMIST: Germany and Kosovo

  • Obama did not retaliate by taking his offer to negotiate off the table or - perish the thought - working to implement the sanctions he had pledged would follow an Iranian rejection of his open hand.


  • Perish the thought, he says.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • PMOS, these days a career civil servant who is obliged to play with the straightest of bats, has answered as best he can, they persist, trying to make him say more than he wishes or even, perish the thought, to catch him out in some way.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Perish the thought, say senior Spanish officials: there are no more secrets in the banks, and the optimistic outlook rests on the predicted success of recent reforms (eg, to make the labour market more flexible) and scores of new ones to be adopted in the coming year.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne: Mysterious Mariano | The

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