• However, it is unclear whether this difference is a key to understanding how autism develops - or simply a physical change brought about by years of actually being autistic.

    BBC: Why autism can't find a face

  • Our physical change needed to reinforce our cultural change.

    CNN: RBS CEO Hester: We can't afford to give up on banks

  • The unit found that the brain could be naturally vulnerable or even pre-disposed to the illness and could be more susceptible to an eating disorder following a physical change in the brain due to an event that happened in child hood.

    BBC: Eating disorders 'on the increase'

  • Do your physical needs change during high versus low periods, such as your need for sleep, food or sex?

    CNN: Cyclothymia (cyclothymic disorder)

  • But while change is a given in capitalist economies, in an economy built on technology, and free from many physical restraints, change goes into overdrive.

    FORBES: Steel Versus Silicon

  • The physical signs of change are already apparent.

    CNN: NATO heads for Bosnia's front lines

  • For starters, Apple may use a new liquid crystal display technology and change the physical size of the phone.

    FORBES: Apple's New iPhone Could Be Tall, Thin And Beautiful

  • Not only are they outdated, but Mexican drug criminals in the past have used surgery to change their physical appearance.

    FORBES: Was Mexican Billionaire Drug Kingpin El Chapo Killed?

  • While technology doesn't change the physical environment by adding trails or gyms, it can make a positive impact, says competition judge Joan Dorn, branch chief for physical activity and health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    CNN: Schools given $25K to help kids move

  • Dissenting Commissioner Troy Paredes notes the potential confusion that could result from having firms speculate on the "physical effects of climate change, such as effects on the severity of weather (for example, floods or hurricanes), sea levels, the arability of farmland, and water availability and quality" and harms to their reputation because of the public perception of data relating to its greenhouse gas emissions.

    FORBES: The SEC, Global Warming and The First Amendment

  • In negotiations, if your opponent uses physical intimidation tactics to their advantage, negotiate telephonically or even electronically so that their physical presence is not a factor, in other words, change the game from their game of physical intimidation to one of virtual communication.

    FORBES: Musashi-Style Negotiations In Business - Set The Game Board Before The Battle Begins

  • The game style is not going to change that much because the physical maturity doesn't have that much impact on it.

    BBC: Carl Maes

  • Since most jobs are a mix of physical and language skills, and people can change jobs, immigration might actually increase native wages.

    FORBES: Bryan Caplan on the Minimum Wage

  • The research of the 2013 Laureates demonstrates exceptionally original approaches to fundamental research in the Physical Sciences, from contributing to better understanding climate change to advancing research on neurodegenerative diseases and potentially uncovering new energy sources.

    UNESCO: UK Scientist second in two years to receive UNESCO award

  • If the circumstances in the DRC change and pose an imminent threat of physical violence to civilians or human rights defenders, the unarmed drones deployed to the DRC could be armed and could legally use force to protect those threatened with harm.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Phase Shifts regardless of physical makeup follow some patterns, and are basically a change from one level of order to another.

    FORBES: The Great Disruption Or The Big Shift?

  • For the most part most data centers are operating in the pre-virtual world, in which the pace of change is governed by the rate at which physical servers can come and go.

    FORBES: The Coming Crisis of IT Management

  • Lynn Jeffries certainly believes the existing political elite needs to change its attitude to remove psychological as well as physical barriers.

    BBC: Why aren't more disabled people becoming politicians?

  • When it comes to physical features, height is one that is particularly difficult to change since your genetic background greatly predicts how tall you will ultimately become.

    CNN: What can I do to grow taller?

  • So I asked the third grade teachers to begin working with me to change the traditional Valentine treats from candy to a physical activity party while learning more about the heart.

    WHITEHOUSE: Champions of Change Blog

  • "Technology (ideas) ... change the social environment by incorporating the notion of getting physical activity throughout the day, " says Dorn.

    CNN: Schools given $25K to help kids move

  • "Most people are free of the mental and physical burdens of work on a Sunday and experience a more stressful change from weekend leisure activities to work activities on Mondays, " said Dr Shuogo Murakami, who led the research.

    BBC: Returning to work involves a stressful shift from leisure

  • It might be challenging, you may not like it, but if we knew that we only had to change our eating habits for 3 months to impact our physical health for the rest of our lives, would we do it?

    FORBES: The Power of Tracking Your Numbers: Step #3

  • Few people currently understand the concept, or why they should support it, while energy companies will need to be persuaded that they will have to change their entire business model, not to mention the physical challenges of updating the labyrinthine power distribution infrastructure.

    CNN: Can a 'smart grid' turn us on to energy efficiency?

  • Some, including Dr Riebesell, suspect that these physical and chemical effects of warming may prove a greater driver of productivity change in the ocean than altered pH.

    ECONOMIST: Ocean acidification

  • In the face of these accelerating physical, biological and social transformations, there is a need to monitor change, assess impacts and mobilize responses so as to adequately inform adaptation policies and practice.

    UNESCO: Global Change in the Arctic and Co-production of Knowledge

  • Of course, the key difference between presenting data about physical activity for domesticated dogs versus humans is that dependent pets often cannot change their behavior without outside influences whereas humans will complain about not being able to do so.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: The fork, the ficus and the flandoodle

  • And yet--if only to insure against catastrophic global climate change that could irreversibly damage the world's human, natural and physical capital--an effective global agreement on mitigation must be achieved and put into force by the time the Kyoto Protocol's implementation period ends in 2012.

    FORBES: Carbon Prices, Not Quotas

  • The change of stance came after a campaign was launched by the Central Council of Physical Recreation, who were concerned that up to 150 South Africans were playing rugby union in France.

    BBC: Kolpak numbers could be slashed

  • Brown said the change produced some awkward defenses in subsequent years: Since players couldn't be as physical with receivers at the line, teams would try all kinds of new tricks, like dropping linemen into pass coverage.

    WSJ: How the NFL Put a Fork in Defense

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