• Ryan set a beautiful, just beautiful pick and roll for Colton to give a shout-out to the big guy upstairs.

    CNN: 'American Idol' recap: We're all in the mood for a melody

  • And ironically, the Knicks are being battered with the same things they're no longer getting on offense: the pick and roll, and occasional isolation.

    WSJ: Knicks Should Consider Plan B

  • "I'm sure teams are going to start scouting him and trying to take that away, " Raymond Felton said, referencing Martin's ability off the pick and roll.

    WSJ: The Knicks' Challenging Homestretch

  • Mr. Chang added that on the public basketball courts of the southern Taiwan city of Tainan where he lives, kids are already imitating how Mr. Lin drives to the basket and runs the pick and roll.

    WSJ: China, Taiwan Both Lay Claim to Jeremy Lin

  • The NBA in the time of Jordan was at its zenith as a cultural force and a ratings behemoth, capable of drawing in what television people call "casual viewers, " who didn't know a pick and roll from a pimento roll, but who nonetheless turned on Jordan and the Chicago Bulls when they were winning championships.

    CNN: Jordan at 50: A celebration of ruthlessness

  • Stoudemire's overhauled offensive game has done two things: allow Anthony to float and remain the offense's dominant, one-on-one force, and enable Chandler to continue serving as the Knicks' primary roll man when they run pick-and-roll plays.

    WSJ: The Knicks' $100 Million Backup Plan

  • At 6-foot-7, Brewer ranks in the 73rd and 88th percentile, respectively, when defending the pick-and-roll and isolation plays, according to Synergy Sports.

    WSJ: Brewer May Deserve an Encore

  • They took away the Knicks' top offensive options: the pick-and-roll and one-on-one plays through star scorer Carmelo Anthony.

    WSJ: Knicks Should Consider Plan B

  • For instance, against Boston earlier this month in the last game before Linsanity began, the Knicks ran nine pick-and-roll plays, according to Synergy.

    WSJ: Jeremy Lin: He's Not Lin-vincible

  • He'll use Anthony to initiate more pick-and-roll sets in hopes of forcing the Pacers to momentarily abandon their man-to-man defense and free up shooters.

    WSJ: Sometimes Home Isn't Sweet

  • Beyond that, Stoudemire didn't play particularly well with center Tyson Chandler, who thrived off the same pick-and-roll plays that helped make Stoudemire a six-time All-Star.

    WSJ: Missing Stoudemire (Again)

  • Before Lin's emergence, the Knicks abandoned the pick-and-roll, only running it nine times earlier this month against the Boston Celtics, the night before Lin's star turn.

    WSJ: Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony Show Flashes of Success

  • According to Synergy Sports, the Knicks have run the pick-and-roll play, which tends to induce fluid ball movement, just 24% of the time in February, down from 28% in December.

    WSJ: Knicks Should Consider Plan B

  • Though they are hardly a perfect fit on the offensive end both players are at their best when they are on the receiving end of a pick-and-roll pass they have been serviceable enough.

    WSJ: Login/Register to set your edition

  • Stoudemire, presumably, can fit well into Lin's pick-and-roll offense.

    WSJ: Can Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony Coexist?

  • Without them, the Knicks don't appear to have enough of a defensive post presence to compensate for what have often been lead-footed guards who struggle to defend pick-and-roll plays or get out to open wing scorers.

    WSJ: Nice First Half��Now Keep It Going

  • "If every small item, let us pick for example, a toilet roll, although it's a perfectly legitimate thing to claim for and should be claimed for... nonetheless if the Barnstaple Bugle seeks to make something of it then that will happen, " he said.

    BBC: MPs 'are not customers' of expenses body

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