• This is why I view policy advocacy as central to startup success as germane as an infusion of capital, or the insights of a brilliant marketing strategist.

    FORBES: Why Investors Must Care About Public Policy

  • Greenpeace asks companies to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of their products: supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, customer use, and end-of-life, using a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy policy advocacy.

    FORBES: How Green Are Your Gadgets?

  • The TY Danjuma Foundation is a private independent grant making philanthropic organization based in Abuja, Nigeria which makes grants to and partners with Non Governmental organizations that champion and promote causes in Education, free healthcare, policy advocacy and poverty alleviation.

    FORBES: Nigerian 'Philanthropist' Gives Away $100 Million

  • They should trust those in need and closest to the problems to play a powerful role in crafting and carrying out solutions, and they should provide support for civic engagement, policy advocacy and community organizing so that organizations working with and on behalf of marginalized communities can participate effectively in the public square.

    FORBES: The Long-Term Threat to the Charitable Tax Deduction

  • "There are many things that Google does that concern privacy advocates, but in some categories, they get an A, " said Paul Stephens, the group's director for policy and advocacy.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "African-Americans, like every other demographic in our country ... demographics vote their economic interests, " NAACP Washington bureau director, and senior vice president for policy and advocacy, Hilary Shelton said.

    CNN: Romney draws boos from NAACP, support from conservatives

  • Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE) is a framework of collaborative action and a mechanism for technical support services and facilitation by UNESCO in the areas of policy, advocacy, partnership building, capacity-building and innovations.

    UNESCO: LIFE-Literacy Initiative for Empowerment

  • And because of its location in a basin, pollution in the Los Angeles area caused by diesel exhaust, barges, locomotives and other sources tends to stay put, says Janice Nolen, assistant vice president with National Policy and Advocacy for the American Lung Association.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • As part of delivering on its second commitment, UNESCO has supported Member States to undertake EFA planning in a variety of ways, including providing guidance, technical advice, direct assistance, and policy and advocacy support as well as opportunities for national and other forums to improve participation in planning.

    UNESCO: 's Support to National Planning for Education for All (EFA) | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Due to seniority rules in some districts, those positions that are getting filled will go to experienced professionals whose previous jobs were eliminated instead of to "freshly minted teachers and recent graduates, " Noelle Ellerson, assistant director for public policy and advocacy at the American Association of School Administrators, said via email.

    WSJ: Large Firms See More College Hiring

  • In 2011, as a result of a two-day workshop on Internal Migration and Human Development, UNESCO and UNICEF launched the Internal Migration in India Initiative (IMII) to support the social inclusion of migrants in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the country, using a three-legged approach combining research, policy and advocacy.

    UNESCO: All Events | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Saptaningrum, the executive director of the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy in Indonesia.

    WSJ: Indonesia Weighs Curbs on Sex, Magic

  • "Today's vote is a historic failure, " said Joris den Blanken, EU climate policy director at environmental advocacy group Greenpeace.

    WSJ: Vote Leaves EU Emissions Trading in Tatters

  • "Substantial improvements in the infrastructure of planning and policy, leadership and advocacy, workforce training and surveillance must be realized, " he said.


  • The network is expected to improve advocacy, policy formulation and programme delivery, as well as strengthening North-South and South-South cooperation and partnerships.


  • The network will generate knowledge and innovation in support of the acquisition and use of literacy, and promote advocacy, policy formulation and programme delivery, as well as cooperation and partnerships.

    UNESCO: International Literacy Day (8 September): UNESCO launches new Knowledge and Innovations Network for Literacy (KINL)

  • As a result, they tend to graduate students with higher debt than those institutions, according to the College Board Advocacy and Policy Center, an arm of the College Board, whose membership includes not-for-profit private and public colleges.

    WSJ: For-Profit Colleges Score Victory With Judge's Ruling

  • "We'd balk if an employer said, 'I want to look at your photo albums once a week or listen in on your dinner party conversation, '" said Allie Bohm, an advocacy and policy strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union.

    WSJ: Wall Street Battles States on Social-Media Protections

  • Llosa reinforces a lesson for everyone, whether they be students, seniors, intellectuals or policy makers: Humility in advocacy and respect for local customs is of paramount importance.

    FORBES: Che Guevara: Communist Icon, Capitalist Commodity

  • Those potentially infringing videos are the real subject of Viacom's lawsuit, according to Ken Boehm, an attorney and president of the National Legal and Policy Center, an ethics advocacy group.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Like the centres that support similar charter schools in many American states, it will combine policy development, research and advocacy with help for would-be schools on everything from applying for permission to finding premises and hiring teachers.

    ECONOMIST: Tory plans for schools

  • On Monday, the syndicated newspaper columnist and co-founder of Center for Advancement of Public Policy women's equity advocacy group said she hopes Augusta National's decision "cracks open that glass ceiling just a little bit further" for American businesswomen.

    CNN: Augusta National Golf Club admits first female members

  • The third central role of the health care sector is in education and advocacy around climate change policy.

    FORBES: What does Climate Change Have to Do With Health Care?

  • There are many gradations of public engagement, from simply explaining various dimensions of climate science (from computer models to changes already underway around the world), to more engaging in substantive issues of policy or more assertive forms of advocacy.

    FORBES: Asymmetric Climate Warfare

  • Advocacy for a Clean Energy Policy at national and sub-national level.

    FORBES: Apple Falls Down The Rankings: But We Should Praise RIM

  • Therefore, around the National Youth Policy, there will be a continuous advocacy process to involve aware and active citizens with the aim to ensure its implementation and monitoring.

    UNESCO: Detailview | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • So that gives me great comfort, as in a few days I join most of you in the ranks of private citizens, so I can look forward to our continuing to work together, and continuing our advocacy for strong national security policy.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • We will use online and offline advocacy tools to build support for policy changes, and we will strongly support those willing to take the tough stands necessary to promote these policies in Washington.

    FORBES: Zuckerberg: Undocumented Immigrants 'Should Be Part Of Our Future'

  • Lynn Quincy, a senior policy analyst for Consumers Union, said the advocacy groups have learned that two of the coverage examples may be omitted in the final regulation, leaving only a comparison of maternity costs, at least at the outset.

    FORBES: Health Insurers Say Telling Truth On Costs Is Just Too Expensive

  • Wang Feng is a demographer and member of the advocacy group who heads the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy in Beijing.

    WSJ: China's One-Child Plan Faces New Fire

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