• They weren't very potent, however, so as many as 21 of the shots were required.

    CNN: Four shots enough to ward off rabies

  • Something that potent presumably wouldn't stay within the confines of Southern California for long, and Ben and Chon become so successful that the drug business south of the border takes notice.

    CNN: 'Savages' author: 'I don't even do drugs'

  • Right now that drug doesn't look as potent as Vertex's drug, based on the limited data available, says Markowitz.

    FORBES: Saving Your Liver

  • Nissen argues that the drug isn't nearly so potent as a heart saver.

    FORBES: Can Vioxx Rivals Take The Pressure?

  • The flat tax, term limits, redistricting reform, greater transparency in writing legislation--alas, don't expect such potent antibiotics to be prescribed for the Abramoff lobbying infection.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • The law doesn't ban monopolies, even those as potent as Windows.

    CNN: Gates gets slammed

  • Inara's most potent recollection is of him giving her candy while mom wasn't looking.

    NPR: The Bird and the Bee, Getting Buzz

  • Banks aren't lending except to bail out--temporarily--politically potent but near-moribund, credit-unworthy borrowers.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • But sauce producers haven't bothered to wait for Mother Nature to deliver hotter concoctions by adding potent extracts.

    WSJ: Arms Race to Grow World's Hottest Pepper Goes Nuclear

  • "It wasn't scientifically a huge shock to see that too much insulin or too potent insulins would be bad for cancer, " Pollak says.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The study involved a drug known as T-DM1, which combines Roche's cancer drug Herceptin with a potent chemotherapy agent in a treatment designed to be delivered directly to the cancer cell.

    WSJ: Roche Breast-Cancer Treatment Advances

  • We ran the Jambox through a gauntlet of tests, ranging from smartphone Pandora sessions all the way through movies, games and carefully ripped lossless audio pulled direct from a discrete PC sound card, and the verdict was clear: the Jambox isn't a magical treasure chest of audiophile bliss, but it is a pretty potent portable speaker that sounds great.

    ENGADGET: Jawbone Jambox review

  • When Bristol launched the face-off, it pitted a less-potent Pravachol pill against the highest-dose Lipitor pill, aiming to show that higher doses didn't have much additional effect.

    FORBES: Pills for Everyone!

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