• "Up until now, there has been complete uncertainty on the numbers and area of glaciers and the present status of their environmental conditions in the region, " said Basanta Shrestha from Icimod.

    BBC: Climate research bolsters 'action' call to UN talks

  • Films are at the very forefront of fashion and have chronicled fairly accurately the decline of the cigarette from being an enjoyment of the smart set to its present status as a dangerous habit.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Magazine | A Point of View

  • The tariff rise makes it harder for Chile to move from its present associate status to full membership of Mercosur.

    ECONOMIST: Mercosur

  • 's Android software and present Facebook status updates, messages and other content on the home screen, rather than making the user fire up Facebook's app.

    NPR: Facebook Barges Into Google Turf With Home

  • Nor did English reach its present global status without ruthless tactics.

    ECONOMIST: Endangered languages

  • Adding to the sense of urgency to open on Wednesday: It is the final day of the month, a time that many mutual funds, hedge funds and other investors use to present the status of their investments.

    WSJ: Behind Decision to Close Markets

  • "Those water masses play a very important role in the present-day status of the ice pack and changes in the delivery would have an influence and effect on ice distribution, " said Weingartner.

    CNN: Nuclear sub dives under the ice to explore climate change

  • Archipelago poses a clear and present danger to the status quo, both to firms like Goldman and to markets like the NYSE.

    FORBES: Fear, Greed And Technology

  • Its operational status is unknown at present, but appears mostly complete with obvious Russian-designed fuel elements.

    FORBES: Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, But Only Iran Has Nuclear Power

  • But the Democrats' trump card was to present themselves as the embodiment of the status quo at a time when the Californian economy is booming.

    ECONOMIST: Glad to be Gray

  • Though India formally claims all of Kashmir, including the areas now controlled by Pakistan and China, it would probably settle for the status quo, turning the present line of control into the international border.

    ECONOMIST: No hope for Kashmir?

  • Yet even so, the president and the Senate's "Gang of Eight" insist: the United States must continue to keep its doors open to the least skilled and ought to actually increase its total immigration intake, as well as granting legal status and eventually citizenship to the present illegal population.

    CNN: After Boston, nothing will change

  • Then she said her hands were tied by a 1985 Supreme Court ruling extending constitutional rights to those claiming refugee status, which had led to the present system of lengthy appeals.

    ECONOMIST: Immigration in Canada

  • While such a settlement could conceivably result in a temporary Iraqi retreat from Kuwait, even a restoration of the status quo ante will not "solve" the present problem.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | ��Fatal Attraction��? US Interests In Gulf, Beyond Jeopardized By Bush Personal Diplomacy Obsession

  • He has been an ever present in the side since Kenya were granted one-day international status in 1996 and some say he is the best current batsman never to have played Test cricket.

    BBC: Nairobi fans savour historic win

  • Many present-day immigrants live among us in what researchers call "mixed status" households.

    CNN: Do we want an America that wrecks families?

  • In continuation to the activities organized to pay due credit to the teachers, UNESCO also organized a Walk where a large number of students and teachers were present to converge government's focus towards betterment of teacher's status.


  • That law authorizes state and local law enforcement officials to inquire into the immigration status of any person who is reasonably suspected of being unlawfully present in the United States and to arrest such an individual if there is probable cause to do so.

    FORBES: Supreme Court to Consider Preemption of Arizona Immigration Law

  • Each of these vulnerable children would benefit from having a volunteer lawyer present their case so our immigration court judges can assess whether they need refugee status, asylum, or if they can be safely returned home.

    CNN: Don't turn your back on these children

  • Until the whistle was blown on a plan to present the Congress with a fait accompli by acceding to the Soviet request for observer status at the GATT Council meeting tomorrow in Geneva, the Administration intended to add this important concession to a growing list in the run-up to the Bush-Gorbachev summit starting on 30 May.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • His own past is not altogether unsullied, but, as one of Venezuela's few black politicians, he is well-placed to present himself just as Mr Caldera did as a challenge to the status quo.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • It needed a goal-line clearance from Albanian debutant Drissa Diallo, impressive throughout, to preserve the status quo and spare the blushes of Michopoulos, who misjudged a cross to present Darren Bent with the ball on the edge of the area.

    BBC: Burnley 1-1 Ipswich

  • The draw means the South Americans finish top of the group and will look forward to the second phase with confidence, even though this could present them with an earlier-than-expected clash with the closest rivals for their world number one status, Spain.

    BBC: Portugal 0-0 Brazil

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