• Do not press down on the onions with a spatula or jack up the heat to try and accelerate this process.

    WSJ: Momofuku Recipes by David Chang

  • There is, too, a troubling knowingness, an uneasiness about how seriously the novel should press down on its seriously interrogative title.

    NEWYORKER: True Lives

  • Press down on the center, spreading the dough, or roll into a 7- or 8-inch circle -- the outer border a little thicker than the inner circle.

    CNN: Pizza Dough

  • The Indian press swooped down on the story, publishing the juiciest quotes from it.

    FORBES: Tata vs Ambani

  • And as Vladimir Putin clamps down on the Russian press, after stomping on Chechen throats, his chief punishment is to be slobbered over by Gerhard Schroeder and Tony Blair.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • At home, or "the homeland" as it came to be called, the war has been used to justify a flurry of civil rights abuses, including warrantless wiretaps and monitoring of e-mails, harassing whistle-blowers and clamping down on press freedom.

    CNN: Will my grandkids be fighting our 'forever war'?

  • When the negotiations broke down, the press focused on Cantor bolting from the sessions.

    CNN: Don't count Boehner out in debt crisis

  • But hardliners, recognising their most effective enemy, cracked down on the press ferociously.

    ECONOMIST: The collapsing of Iranian reform

  • There are members of the coaching staff who sit in a booth on the stadium press level with binoculars writing down signals and trying to match them against what happens on the field.

    NPR: Patriots Punished in Video-Spying Scandal

  • That's a common communication tactic for the rebels, since the al-Assad regime has cracked down on freedom of the press, largely preventing CNN and other international news agencies from newsgathering.

    CNN: Syrian rebels issue warning to Hezbollah

  • He will argue that the public want parliament to spend time on the economy, welfare reform, schools and the NHS whilst his opponents want to get bogged down on the minutiae of press regulation.

    BBC: Press law - So why did he do it?

  • When Fox executives Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice sit down to address the television press on Thursday morning, a conversation that could have focused on ratings wins and fall stability quickly goes the way of Paula Abdul.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In truth, Mr Brown helped to bring down the wrath of the press on his own head: the vehemence of political journalism in recent years has been fuelled by the cack-handedness of politicians, and in some cases their greed and depravity.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • After a steady stream of occasionally embarrassing reports, Yahoo in recent months has clamped down firmly on leaks to the press.

    MSN: Yahoo CEO fleshes out plans, new CFO named

  • The bad guys in this are first and foremost the libel laws in the UK which have long been notorious for clamping down on the freedom of the press in that country.

    FORBES: Video Game Journalist Robert Florence Leaves Eurogamer After Libel Complaints

  • Press on one bubble and the air merely flows down the line to another.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The pen works as a transmitter: When you press down to write, a switch inside the pen turns it on.

    WSJ: Pen and Paper Find a Place in the Digital World

  • All three opposition parties are likely to use their allocated time in the chamber to press for near weekly votes on health reconfiguration plans up and down Wales once the Assembly returns in September.

    BBC: State of Play 2 - Plaid Cymru

  • Although not particularly brutal, the regime allows only one effective political party (the Communists), cracks down on those who dare speak out and forbids a free press.

    ECONOMIST: Bye-bye, Uncle Ho

  • There'll also be considerable debate on the new clauses introduced in the Commons on press regulation - the Conservative peer Lord Lucas has put down a series of amendments dealing with the problem of applying the new system to the internet.

    BBC: Week ahead

  • As you wind down here, have you given any advice to your successor on press policy, on access?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • This manual press on the Up helps the app to know when you first lie down in bed, so it can measure how long it takes for you to fall asleep.

    WSJ: A Health Monitor to Nudge You as It Keeps Watch

  • As the game wore on the Scarlets continued to press but lacked the killer instinct to break down their hosts.

    BBC: Bristol 18-11 Scarlets

  • Iran's Press TV said that the Iranian army's "electronic warfare unit" brought down the drone on 4 December as it was flying over the city of Kashmar.

    BBC: Iran shows film of captured US drone

  • Dated 22 June 1812 - just a few days after the United States Congress declared war on Britain - it turns down a request to protect settlers from the "press gang" and for a naval escort for their ship.

    BBC: Red River letters

  • These include liberal things like letting the national anthem be sung in Tamil (as well as Sinhala), ensuring press freedom, reducing the clout of the army, putting the police under civilian control, cracking down on paramilitary groups that harass Tamils, resolving land disputes and asking if at least individual soldiers committed crimes.

    ECONOMIST: Sri Lanka and the UN: Unslayable ghosts | The

  • He explained he had not visited Johor since he stepped down as prime minister in 1990, and his view of the dangers there was based on press reports.

    ECONOMIST: Lee Kuan Yew: an apology

  • Indeed, his own angry rhetoric seemed to quickly divide the people on either side of the political spectrum, but he didn't back down at a press conference the following day where he again took center stage.

    WSJ: Arizona Elicits Sheriff's Criticism

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