• Other steps in his plan: streamlining health care administration and emphasizing preventative medicine.


  • Preventative medicine, electronic records and slashing waste would make for a cheaper system.

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  • One way to ease their difficulties, they decided, was to practise preventative medicine.

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  • The vaccine usually works best in young, healthy people, according to Dr. Bill Schaffner, chairman of the preventative medicine department at Vanderbilt University.

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  • Nurses would be a perfect fit to handle the increase in preventative medicine practices, said registered nurse Karen Daley, president of the American Nurses Association.

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  • Second, preventative medicine gives people better lives and prevents illnesses, but it doesn't save money--because patients who would never have been treated before will still opt to pop pills or get screenings.

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  • "We had no idea as to whether this could turn from 94 cases originally calculated into 9, 400 cases, " says Pascal James Imperato, chairman of preventative medicine at the State University of New York-Downstate Medical School and a former New York City health commissioner.

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  • As the spectrum of technologies applied to solve health issues broadens, it could combine to discover disease early when it is cheaper and easier to treat, reduce the use of expensive medication in cases where it has little effect, ensure patients get the right dosage of drugs, improve research into preventative medicine, vaccines and treatment.

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  • The ultimate health care applications will allow us to monitor our body and use the insight from that data to create an actionable, preventative health solution, such as an individual exercise or nutritional plan, in addition to devising a personal cocktail of medicine.

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