• But the bravado is based partly on the hope that the oil price will rise next year, and the conviction that Venezuela's private banks will be happy to finance this year's deficit, albeit at a price.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela's term-limits referendum

  • According to data compiled by the new-car-buying website TrueCar.com, the average transaction price for cars and light-duty trucks in the United States is on the rise.

    FORBES: Best New-Car Deals For January

  • But just so the American people understand this, is there anything in this whole spectrum of things that the administration is working on that would actually bring down the price of gas, or restrain the rise of the price of gas in the next year?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • From April 1st, for example, a ban on the export of palm oil is due to be lifted, so the domestic price should rise sharply.

    ECONOMIST: For Suharto the medicine looks nasty

  • "Gold stocks, as represented by the AMEX Gold Bugs Index (HUI), an index of 15 large-cap, un-hedged, publicly held gold producers, have not kept up in percentage terms with the rise in the price of gold, and this is especially unusual because mining stocks are theoretically a leveraged play on the price of gold and should rise faster than gold in a rising price of gold environment, " says Nystrom.

    FORBES: Stock Of The Week

  • In other news, reports said physical demand for gold coming out of India is on the rise due to its festival season and because recent price declines are prompting bargain hunting.

    FORBES: A.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Gold Firmer on Short Covering, Bargain Hunting

  • If you believe oil is on the rise, there are ways to get direct exposure to the price of oil, as well as many oil companies worth considering.

    FORBES: The Libyan Crisis: Where Are Oil Prices Going?

  • Isis Chief Executive Stanley Crooke says by doing the deal he is betting on a rise in Isis' stock price, because Isis can use a combination of cash and its stock to repurchase the rights to the drugs.

    FORBES: Biotech's Financial Lifeline

  • The price of gas must rise to a level where it is profitable and companies can make a return on their invested capital on a cash flow basis to be willing to assume the risk to exploit these resources.

    FORBES: My Prediction Was Wrong: Why We Didn't Get To $8 Natural Gas

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