• It also discusses electroshock stun technology, riot shields and other devices used by prison guards and police officers.

    CNN: U.S. accused of human rights abuses in prisons

  • The bodies reviewing pay for police, prison officers and nurses all recommended rises of 2.5% in 2007.

    ECONOMIST: Public-sector pay disputes

  • So if a prison gets sued or if police officers get sued or a zoning board gets sued or a college gets sued, he is deferring to the authorities.

    NPR: Reviewing Alito's Dissents

  • The terms of what makes up a "public authority" have not been defined in the Act, but will include government departments, local authorities, police, prison, immigration officers, public prosecutors and courts.

    BBC: Strasbourg court of human rights

  • So far, nearly 40 people have been arrested in the bribery probe, including journalists and public officials ranging from police officers to prison guards, a Ministry of Defense staffer and two former employees of the National Health Service.

    WSJ: Two U.K. Journalists Arrested in Bribery Probe

  • Work on the ground involves helping to build civil society and other activities, often specific everything from organising and supervising elections to training police officers and prison guards, as well as defending free media and tolerance in inter-ethnic relations.

    ECONOMIST: The OSCE in action

  • The organisers have always said they expected 10, 000 competitors to register for the event in Northern Ireland - with police, fire and prison officers coming from 50 different countries.

    BBC: World Police and Fire Games competitors 50% below target

  • The group includes 493 people from 30 countries, including lawyers, doctors, police officers, pilots, prison inmates, professors, engineers and venture capitalists.

    FORBES: Quora Highlights Top Writers, From Cops To Venture Capitalists

  • Some Republicans are privately making the case that if Rumsfeld is to keep his job, then one of his senior deputies -- possibly Cambone -- should resign for encouraging the use of military police officers to help military intelligence units at the Abu Ghraib prison.

    CNN: Bush reaches out to GOP lawmakers

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