• Facebook and Zuckerberg are equally inextricable even though Thiel may pull the strings.

    FORBES: Mr Popularity: What Really Makes Apple, Steve Jobs an Online Powerhouse

  • Robert Mugabe stands up and says, look, the former colonial power can't let go, it's trying to pull the strings.

    BBC: Nick Clegg interview

  • Field-Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has continued to pull the strings in Egypt, was named defence minister.

    ECONOMIST: Politics this week

  • Wales reasserted themselves, with Ramsey starting to pull the strings from midfield, and a Bale free-kick from wide left fizzed across goal but just lacked a final touch.

    BBC: Wales 0-1 Poland

  • It was against the run of play, but gave Barcelona a visible injection of confidence and adrenalin, allowing Messi to pull the strings up front and Xavi and Iniesta to take control of midfield.

    BBC: Barcelona 2-0 Man Utd

  • This has the backing of Mediobanca, a Milanese investment bank that used to pull all the strings in corporate Italy, but has seen its star wane since the death of Enrico Cuccia, its nonagenarian boss, two years ago.


  • But analysing Mr Abramovich's evidence, the judge said he had not been able to "pull the presidential strings".

    BBC: Roman Abramovich 'could not pull strings' with Putin

  • But realistically, it's going to take a little more time to pull all the strings together, but rest assured that they are being pulled together.


  • Many had made money elsewhere and moved to Manhattan to enjoy it, while continuing to draw wealth from outside the city and pull strings in the federal capital.

    ECONOMIST: High society in New York

  • "The players have returned home, they'll have spoken to their families and young children and it's a tremendous pull on the heart-strings, " said Gooch.

    BBC: England offered new tour schedule

  • He may, however, prefer to stay in the background and pull strings.

    ECONOMIST: A far cry from real representation

  • But there is a risk that Mr Mugabe, adept at outwitting political rivals, will still be able to pull many strings and potentially neuter the opposition's role.

    ECONOMIST: Can Zimbabwe's long-awaited power-sharing deal endure?

  • The family had to pull strings to get their seven children admitted to an Afrikaans-language Catholic boarding school that was officially designated for so-called "coloreds, " South Africans of mixed race.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He is also facing charges in the prostitution case (and that he tried to pull strings to get her out of jail when she was accused of theft) -- and in a third case stands accused of revealing confidential court information relating to an investigation into a bank scandal in 2005.

    CNN: for

  • Instead, the Conservative leader imagines a welfare system where ministers in Whitehall pull fiscal strings which encourage people towards his party's core values of hard work, saving, marriage and having children (when you can afford to).

    BBC: Is the welfare state about need or nudging?

  • The director of the hospital persuaded Fadl to turn himself in, saying that he would pull some strings to protect him.

    NEWYORKER: The Rebellion Within

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