• The committee began by quizzing Dale Strachan and Catherine Reilly from law firm Brodies LLP.

    BBC: Justice Committee

  • MPs have been quizzing Mr Morgan over complaints about the service before preparing a report on its performance.

    BBC: Ambulances parked outside Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

  • In keeping with ASEAN's tradition of non-interference, the summiteers refrained from quizzing Yangon on its human rights record.

    CNN: No, Not Yet, Myanmar

  • For example, the surveys asked marketers which social media activities they measured while quizzing consumers on which social media activities were most engaging.

    FORBES: Do Consumers Love Your Brand, or Are They Just Flirting?

  • And so she did, quizzing a good man named Jack Schwartz for a while, ultimately satisfying any lingering concerns about my identity and legitimacy.

    FORBES: Of Manti Te'o, Lance Armstrong and The End of Trust

  • They'll be quizzing the Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, and Sir Bob Kerslake, head of the home civil service on .....the future of the civil service.

    BBC: Week ahead

  • And the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards (at 4.30pm) continues its intensive work programme, quizzing another titan of the City, Martin Taylor, the former chief executive of Barclays.

    BBC: Week ahead in committees

  • In North Carolina, strangers standing next to each other played games to pass the time, quizzing each other on their knowledge of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

    CNN: Voting-line camaraderie reflects 'we' spirit, expert says

  • The sole Republican presidential contender quizzing Petraeus and Crocker, Sen.

    NPR: White House Race Looms over Questions on Iraq

  • Could it be that Murdoch, once the quizzing was done, had leaped into a limousine, cracked open a beer with his teeth, and started barking orders into half a dozen phones?

    NEWYORKER: Hack Work

  • My wife was driving and my daughter quizzing me.

    NPR: Workers Face a Cold World After Carrier

  • Britain's Barclays bank was publicly embarrassed in January when a British lawmaker quizzing its boss, Bob Diamond, asked him how many subsidiaries it had in the Isle of Man, Jersey and the Caymans.

    ECONOMIST: Tax havens

  • Quizzing politicians and people in power is straightforward.

    BBC: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

  • MSPs will begin by quizzing Mark Batho from the Scottish Funding Council, followed by Mary Senior from University and College Union Scotland, Robin Parker from NUS Scotland and David Belsey from the Educational Institute of Scotland.

    BBC: Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

  • The press and the media were also criticised for turning Dallas police station into "bedlam" after the assassination and the police officers themselves were condemned for not following correct interviewing procedures when quizzing Oswald about the shooting.

    BBC: 28 September

  • Theodore interviewed dozens of venture capitalists, female founders and tech industry experts (both female and male), quizzing them on the challenges facing female founders and soliciting their perspectives on what was driving the female funding shortfall.

    FORBES: Crowdsourcing A Conversation On The Start-up Funding Gap

  • Former Hewlett-Packard employees say that managers with the software company have been quizzing them on HP's 2002 acquisition of Compaq--a deal that centered on slashing costs and ditching redundant products in a hurry--rather than any grand strategic vision.

    FORBES: How To Put Together MicroHoo

  • Many hours have been spent not just in concerts given by the six conductor-orchestra pairs taken as his subject, but in observing them in the rehearsals beforehand and quizzing members of the orchestra about their side of the experience.

    ECONOMIST: Conjurors

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