• Both offer remote, sparsely populated areas with low levels of man-made radio interference, along with world-class teams of astronomers.

    ECONOMIST: A new radio telescope may catalyse African science

  • As is to be expected, ordinary digital transmission is nowhere near robust enough to cope with the problems experienced by a mobile receiver, which can suffer from all sorts of doppler-shift effects and multipath radio interference as it moves around the place.

    ECONOMIST: America is finally poised to get mobile television

  • Another concern is radio interference.


  • Digital output helps protect against radio and electromagnetic interference, which can cause audio problems with microphones mounted on computer displays.

    ECONOMIST: Noise-cancelling technology

  • They emitted so much radio-frequency interference that Mr. Clark struggled to get a clear signal for the band's wireless instruments and in-ear monitors.

    WSJ: Kenny Chesney: King of the Road

  • Bizarrely, the Police Act of 1997 covers only those devices whose installation involves trespass, criminal damage or interference with radio signals.

    ECONOMIST: A snooper��s charter

  • They will focus on the places above the poles where the wind pierces the earth's magnetic defences and causes, among other things, the shimmering lights of the aurora borealis and aurora australis, and interference with radio communications.

    ECONOMIST: Birds of a feather

  • Those who use the new Wi-Fi standard will notice the biggest benefit in crowded spaces, where a clean radio signal cuts through interference from other devices, even if their connection to their service provider falls short of 802.11ac's lofty speed limit.

    WSJ: Higher-Speed Wi-Fi? Not So Fast

  • This "space weather" can have a number of effects on modern infrastructure, from glitching electronics in orbiting spacecraft to increasing the interference heard on radio broadcasts such as those from the BBC.

    BBC: UK 'can cope with solar superstorm'

  • The company notes that the WCS spectrum was first auctioned in 1997, but has not been utilized for mobile Internet usage due to technical rules designed to avoid possible interference to satellite radio users in adjacent spectrum bands.

    FORBES: AT&T To Buy NextWave Wireless In $600 Million Deal

  • The Australasian bid, centred on the virtually unpopulated Shire of Murchison, in Western Australia, scored better for radio quietness (important to prevent interference), and on non-scientific factors such as political stability and the quality of the working environment.

    ECONOMIST: The Square Kilometre Array

  • Since all that dirt and heavy pipe provides lots of insulation, Nethercomm can beam a radio signal and not have to worry about interference.

    FORBES: How To Use Your Oven To Surf The Web

  • The company also recently resolved potential interference concerns with XM Sirius satellite radio that have kept it from making use of additional spectrum it held in the WCS band.

    FORBES: AT&T Moves Dramatically Towards 'Internet Everywhere'

  • The watchdog found that 30% of radio listeners think their programmes have been affected by interference from other stations and broadcasters.

    BBC: NEWS | Entertainment | Music fans 'turn to pirate radio'

  • Radio devices use a lot of power, and are prone to interference from others operating on similar frequencies.

    ECONOMIST: The human body as a computer bus

  • The BBC is to stop providing radio news to Sri Lanka's state broadcaster because of "continued interruption and interference" in its Tamil programming.

    BBC: suspends Sri Lanka broadcasts due to 'interference'

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