• In an era of high-speed recombinant genetic drugmaking, vaccine production is still primitive, little changed in 50 years.

    FORBES: Broken Eggs

  • Protein Sciences uses recombinant DNA technology to produce its vaccines using a single protein from the virus.

    CNN: King: H1N1 worries increase awareness on college campuses

  • The UC System, the NIH and other institutions gave rise to recombinant DNA and a whole new industry.

    FORBES: California: The Pickpocket State

  • Genetic engineering, or recombinant DNA, methods can be and are used to create both cisgenic and transgenic constructions.

    FORBES: EPA Biotech Regulation Bucks The Scientific Consensus

  • Biologic drugs are protein-based and derived from living matter or manufactured in living cells using recombinant DNA biotechnologies.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The newest molecular techniques recombinant DNA technology, or gene-splicing are far more precise and predictable than their predecessors.

    FORBES: Frankenfish Fatuity

  • Researchers are developing recombinant yeasts, bacteria and fungi that may eat all the sugars, but no superstar candidate has emerged.

    FORBES: Field of Dreamers

  • In other words, recombinant DNA techniques were viewed as an extension, or refinement, of long-used and familiar methods for making drugs.

    FORBES: When Genetic Engineering Came Of Age

  • The genes secrete recombinant protein, which the researchers purify and pass off to two partners in Brazil FIOCRUZ and Instituto Butantan which manufacture the vaccines.

    FORBES: A Creative Model for Vaccine Development

  • In 1976 biochemist Herb Boyer and venture capitalist Robert Swanson started Genentech around a new technology, recombinant DNA. They created a brand-new industry, biotechnology.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Professor Oxford also explained that recombinant diseases may become more of a problem where diseases join to form a new disease combination by swapping genes.

    BBC: Silent polio carrier highlights risk

  • During the past three decades, untold numbers of drugs and diagnostic tests based on recombinant DNA technology have been tested and hundreds have been approved for marketing.

    FORBES: When Genetic Engineering Came Of Age

  • Secondly the presence of a recombinant with a different gag sequence is entirely consistent with the behaviour of XMRV-related viruses in vivo and is to expected in tumour tissue (7).

    FORBES: Big Study Linking Chronic Fatigue To Virus May Be Fatally Flawed

  • It led him to a faculty job at Johns Hopkins and then, in 1987, to Bayer, where he brought to market the first hemophilia drug ever to use recombinant DNA technology.

    FORBES: Biotech's Comeback Kid

  • Almost a decade ago a study demonstrating regression of atherosclerosis with apo A-1 Milano caused tremendous excitement, but the recombinant product has not yet undergone further research or commercial development.

    FORBES: Early Look: New Methods To Enhance Cholesterol Efflux

  • "There is reason to wonder how the use of an obscure recombinant coagulation factor marketed exclusively to hematologists came to be used so widely by cardiac surgeons, neurologists and trauma specialists, " they said.

    WSJ: Hemophilia Drug's Off-Label Use Is Faulted

  • The Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, a division of the National Institutes of Health that approves all gene therapy experiments, has yet to make a decision on whether this technique should move into the clinic.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Not surprisingly, advances in recombinant DNA technology continue.

    FORBES: When Genetic Engineering Came Of Age

  • Over many years the FDA had had prodigious experience with insulins and with drugs derived from various microorganisms, so it was decided that no fundamentally new regulatory paradigms were necessary to evaluate the recombinant human insulin.

    FORBES: When Genetic Engineering Came Of Age

  • Plus Poonawalla is expanding into recombinant drugs.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • It's the first offering from Recombinant Inc.


  • Some very cool science is on the drawing board: a recombinant vaccine that pairs salmonella with a gene from, say, the organism that causes tuberculosis as an oral delivery system to stimulate the body's natural immunity to both bacteria.

    FORBES: Yes, there is a pulse

  • There are widespread misapprehensions about the modern techniques of genetic engineering also known as biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology or genetic modification (GM) which offer plant breeders the tools to make old crop plants do spectacular new things.

    FORBES: Front Page Felonies: A Pass from Police Agencies Rewards Vigilantism, Victimizes Society

  • His main example was Genentech, one of the first companies that attempted to market products based on the revolutionary recombinant DNA technologies that were emerging during the 1970s from the medical labs at Stanford and the University of California, San Francisco.

    FORBES: Venture Capitalist Tom Perkins: 'If There Is No Risk, You Have Already Missed the Boat'

  • But as Matthew Herper observed back in June, Medtronic has received something of a black eye this year in connection with its promotion of a key product, recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2, (rhBMP-2) which is designed to speed healthy bone growth and fusion in patients with back pain.

    FORBES: Medtronic Gets A Pain In The Back

  • After obtaining from Genentech, Inc. the recombinant E. coli bacteria that contained the genetic blueprint for and that synthesized human insulin, they developed processes for the large-scale cultivation of the organism (in huge fermenters similar to those that make wine or beer) and for the purification and formulation of the insulin.

    FORBES: When Genetic Engineering Came Of Age

  • The concept is not without precedent: The early NIH guidelines for research with recombinant DNA-modified organisms promulgated in the 1970s imposed less stringent regulatory requirements for organisms that resulted from cisgenic constructions but those guidelines long ago were relegated to the dustbin of history as NIH recognized the irrationality of focusing regulation on the most precise genetic engineering technologies.

    FORBES: EPA Biotech Regulation Bucks The Scientific Consensus

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