• They have nixed heart-rending solicitations with shorter-term goals, like sheltering battered women or feeding hungry children.

    FORBES: The Radical Philanthropist

  • This year's nominees represent a mix of smart punditry, beautifully produced videos, unique storytelling and heart-rending personal essays.

    CNN: iReport Awards - How It Works

  • They have nixed heart-rending solicitations with shorter-term goals, like sheltering battered women, educating the illiterate, feeding hungry children.

    FORBES: The Radical Philanthropist

  • To justify its new assertiveness, the post office comes up with heart-rending self-justifications.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • Perhaps the most heart-rending moment was when the president cuddled a young baby who was born in the prison.

    BBC: Malawi president frees 880 prisoners

  • As heart-rending as the victims' testimony has been, McQueary's firm and unambiguous account could be just as damaging to Sandusky.

    CNN: In Sandusky trial, a second act for McQueary?

  • And she wasn't torn from me in a terror of rending steel, stamped out by a sudden monster roaring out of the night.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Operation Homecoming'

  • We have all seen the heart-rending images of the impact of the disaster, and we have all been shaken by the stories they tell.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • In the month since Gore began rending his garments in public, his poll numbers have stabilized against Bradley's and risen against George W. Bush's.

    CNN: Please don't leave me, don't you go

  • The most heart-rending story is that of 5-year-old Dayana Arlotti and her father William, who were both unable to find space on a lifeboat.

    CNN: Costa Concordia reveals its darkest secrets

  • But when the 23-year-old American from Texas played Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff with soul-rending mastery, the audience already charmed by Mr. Cliburn's warmth and homespun manner in his public appearances went wild.

    WSJ: Van Cliburn: A Russian Was Supposed to Win

  • Cyprus, rending them essentially worthless in the wider eurozone.

    FORBES: Cyprus Goes Cashless The Hard Way

  • May we suggest a heart-rending story to start with.

    ECONOMIST: Kick and tell

  • The case is published in Genetics and Medicine, a research journal, and was the subject of a heart-rending and informative three-part series by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that deserves to win an award.

    FORBES: The First Child Saved By DNA Sequencing

  • It's above all to Ms. Watson's portrayal of Janet, a heart-rending blend of steel and pathos, and to Dominic West, who brings a serial killer to convincing life onscreen, that this film owes its great power.

    WSJ: Appropriate Adult | The Last Lions | To Serve a Serial Killer | Television Reviews by Dorothy Rabinowitz

  • In this sense, and many others, the 3.11.11 disaster will continue to be exact a heavy toll on Japan, even as its heart-rending human and material toll in the Tohoku region grow dimmer in sight and memory.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The system worked very well during our hands-on demo today at CES. Unlike the version that Garmin presented in 2012, this iteration is completely operational, rending detailed 3D graphics and popping up with real POIs in response to actual queries.


  • The cases received increasing news coverage in a fast-changing landscape that saw a proliferation of media outlets with growing interest in compelling visual images -- such as a heart-rending photo of a smiling child or video of parents pleading for their child's safe return.

    CNN: Missing child case 'awakened America'

  • Myth-making, of course, has always had a place in sports (especially at Notre Dame, as many have pointed out), but it is easy to see in Te'o's story the treacherous creep of melodrama into sports the insistence that every good athletic accomplishment be supplemented by a heart-rending tale.

    WSJ: The Truth About Te'o's Truth��Jason Gay

  • Being forced to submit to a privacy-rending body scan or pat-down - unpleasant as it may be - is not likely to compare to the trauma that can flow from being forced to submit to showering or sharing a bunkroom with someone who finds you sexually attractive.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Introducing 'forced intimacy'

  • He says that it "gives something for Obama to fight for", arguing that taking healthcare away from young people and those with pre-existing conditions will produce a series of heart-rending stories, which will paint the Republicans as the bad guys, unwilling to do something about a very real problem.

    BBC: What if Supreme Court strikes down Obama healthcare act?

  • While the plot may recall other allegorical crossings (such as the one that the Knight, the Squire and the circus family undertake in Ingmar Bergman's film "The Seventh Seal"), the power of Blackburn's book lies in her language and in her ability to conjure images that are at once spooky and heart-rending.

    CNN: 'The Leper's Companions'

  • "Stem cell research has the potential to act as the key which opens the door to many advances in our knowledge and our ability to treat some of the most heart-rending conditions that are presently untreatable, " said the Aberdeen South MP, who suffers from a genetic condition called Gaucher's disease which results in brittle bones.

    BBC: MPs vote to extend embryo research

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