• Committed action takes the form of 6 National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) with their respective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to take our country forward as a high income country by 2015.

    UNESCO: Speech by Hon Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin During the 185th Session of the Executive Board

  • No surprise there and they presumably have the complete backing of their respective governments (probably a bit more reassuring in Germany).

    FORBES: Euro Stress Tests Not Very Stressful

  • Earnings Acceleration : EPS growth for the current quarter (vs. the same quarter last year) should be greater than the average growth for the previous three quarters (vs. the respective three quarters from a year ago).

    FORBES: Apple, Lululemon And 3 Other Marty Zweig Stocks

  • Perfection is an aesthetic no-no, and if their firm, Roman and Williams (named after their respective grandfathers), takes extra time on a job, it's to eliminate, not add, hints of a designer touch.

    WSJ: The Husband-and-Wife Design Duo | Partnership

  • That's not to say these two versions are exactly the same -- they offer different functionality and various design languages associated with their respective platforms (the Android app utilizes Roboto font and pull-down tabs, as a brief example).

    ENGADGET: Google Drive for iOS hands-on Mobile

  • Among the issues agreed upon was launching military dialogue to reduce tensions (a senior South Korean official later said that bilateral talks would be held between the respective defense ministers).

    CNN: Kim Jong Il's New Direction

  • Both plans will face a key test on Wednesday when John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plan to bring their proposals to the floors of their respective chambers for a vote.

    FORBES: What to Buy As Dollar Sinks

  • Macy Gray and Vanessa Carlton became household names after their respective ballads, "I Try" (No. 22 on the list), and "A Thousand Miles" (No. 24 on the list), but neither songstress has come out with a comparable hit since.

    CNN: Billboard ranks decade's one-hit wonders

  • People can argue over the respective virtues of making across-the-board cuts or targeting particular departments (they usually do a bit of both), but managerially speaking it is not a tough ask.

    ECONOMIST: The gods that have failed��so far

  • The mobile site is already sporting the latest updates, but you'll need to update your iOS and Android (it's a manual update, thanks to a change in permissions) apps at their respective stores.


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