• At least among rich countries, capital markets are so integrated that riskless arbitrage opportunities have vanished.

    ECONOMIST: Capital goes global

  • Although these bonds may be splendid business for sellers, they are far from riskless.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese bonds

  • The money could go entirely into riskless fixed-income instruments, such as U.S. Treasurys or well-diversified, balanced mutual funds.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • The regulator also says Merrill had agreements with certain customers that it would only charge commissions equivalent for executing riskless principal trades.

    FORBES: Merrill Lynch Is The Real Winner In $10 Million SEC Settlement

  • Instead, he negotiated nearly riskless deals in preferred stocks with equity kickers.

    FORBES: Buffett, The Reinvented Warrior, Soldiers On

  • Bonds are not, in any case, riskless, as anybody who has held them at a time when inflation was rising can testify.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of global equity markets: Valuation waltz | The

  • Joslin is tapping on the brakes, going for a riskless deflation hedge in the form of U.S. Treasury securities and high-quality corporate bonds.

    FORBES: StreetTalk

  • Investors will buy subordinated debt at a yield quite close to the riskless rate only if they are sure the bank is low-risk.

    ECONOMIST: Could banks police each other?

  • Turkle seems to say that these natural actions find a kind of riskless mimicry in out habits of giving human qualities to objects like robots.

    FORBES: Sherry Turkle: I'm in Google, Google's in Me

  • The bank could meet the requirement by selling at a generous spread over the riskless rate compensating holders for any big risks the bank had taken on.

    ECONOMIST: Could banks police each other?

  • Bond spreads have already registered the fact that in the world of developed nation sovereign debt, we are middle of the pack, not riskless Olympian gods.

    FORBES: House GOP, You've Been Had

  • Should an investor declare victory for 2013, cash in his chips and sit out the rest of the year with the stock proceeds hiding in the comfort of riskless T-bills?

    FORBES: Can We Game Investment Cycles?

  • Spitzer claims there is a smoking e-mail: memos between two midlevel managers at General Re suggesting the company's former chief executive, Ronald Ferguson, and Greenberg knew it was a riskless transaction.

    FORBES: The Battle of the Titans over AIG

  • Life insurance policies appear to be a riskless investment.

    ECONOMIST: Not all it should be

  • We may quibble that those are anything but riskless assets for the banks, but what national bank regulators are going to downgrade and mark down their own sovereign debt to fail their own banks?

    FORBES: Fighting Debt with Debt

  • Potential problems arise because hedging is not riskless.

    ECONOMIST: Gold hedging: Bugs | The

  • In fact, optimists pointed out, so long as equities are held for the long term, they can be safer investments than supposedly riskless assets such as government bonds, whose value can be wiped out by inflation.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus: How far is down? | The

  • It was absurd (as is now obvious) to argue that equities were, in effect, a riskless asset but it was true that equities have been a better bet over the past century than the normal risk premium seemed to imply.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus: How far is down? | The

  • But the song was only released as a single in Europe and Australia, leaving her open to criticism that releasing an anti-US foreign policy song in Europe, where opinion had already largely turned against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, was virtually riskless.

    CNN: The Spirit of Music: Is the protest over?

  • People perceive these as risks rather than opportunities, which cause some to engage in self-destructive behavior by buying overvalued supposed riskless assets, such as US Treasuries, and selling incredibly profitable, yet highly discounted dividend paying blue chip stocks, which provide safety and income at bargain prices.

    FORBES: Opportunity Knocks

  • While the consumer may be unaware of how much security and privacy risk many open and sharing apps and devices involve, enterprise CIOs are very aware and very concerned with the exploding security risks of the Cyber-war Era where social media sharing is cavalierly promoted as riskless.

    FORBES: The Next Leg of Wireless Growth?

  • The way to do this, Mr Calomiris argues, is to require every bank to finance a small proportion of its assets by selling subordinated debt to other institutions with the stipulation that the yield on this debt must not be more than 50 basis points higher than the rate on a corresponding riskless instrument.

    ECONOMIST: Could banks police each other?

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