• Mouret himself plays a love-starved Parisian, who asks a married friend (Virginie Ledoyen) to sate his hunger.

    NEWYORKER: Shall We Kiss?

  • Common sense solutions will not only sate voter anger and erase economic uncertainty, but bring sanity back to Washington policies.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Some luxury labels hope that connecting the artisan to the aroma will sate buyers' desires for the authentic, the handcrafted, the auteur-guided.

    FORBES: Life

  • Continuing its quest to sate subscribers' appetites with a flow of original content, Netflix has announced a new original series, Sense8.


  • It might not, however, sate your friends' and family's own consumerist desires.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • More weak dollars are needed to sate the country's appetite for imports--for most citizens, this translates to higher prices at the gas pump.

    FORBES: Nowhere To Go

  • Such an ambitious acceleration of the pace of the conventional negotiations was designed to sate West German pressure for immediate negotiations on SNF.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • He provides enough exotic truffles to sate the appetites of the historical obsessives, but he also provides plenty of food for more normal tastes.

    ECONOMIST: A historian created and destroyed by Hitler

  • Consequently, squeezed out of buying media the legal way, consumers have found themselves drawn to the, erm, grayer end of the market to sate their entertainment needs.

    ENGADGET: Piracy is a problem of 'global pricing,' not enforcement, claims new report

  • These are still very early on in implementation, but ever since the MusicGremlin debuted, we've been hungry for more -- and no, the Zune didn't sate that.

    ENGADGET: SanDisk Sansa Connect WiFi portable audio player

  • On this resplendent evening, all the trappings to sate a sultan's appetite were present, though it's a good bet that Suleiman the Magnificent never saw such an ornate fountain of molten chocolate.

    NEWSWEEK: Business

  • To sate post-dancing thirst, order up a cocktail such as the Watermelon Mojito (rum, watermelon juice, mint and club soda) and Jalapeno Margarita (tequila, triple sec, jalapeno and lime) from one of the two bars framing the scene.

    BBC: Vintage Hollywood glamour in Los Angeles

  • If U.S. companies are to sate their thirst for qualified talent, fill that growing void, and compete in the 21st century, we must recognize the challenge, seize the initiative, and accelerate viable solutions to address this pressing need.

    FORBES: Do Americans Have 21st Century Job Skills?

  • When the researchers tested them, they found that the amount of begging for food that the chicks did was closely related to the amount of food that they ate when given the chance to sate themselves in other words, to how hungry they were.

    ECONOMIST: Bird-brained | The

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