• The schoolmate asks him to confirm or ignore, convincing the confused Edward to accept this request.

    CNN: Commentary: Will Obama use 'Facebook politics'?

  • Ms. Rodrigues later reconnected with a former schoolmate who worked at New York University.

    WSJ: Take Your Search for a Job Offline

  • Last week a nine-year-old boy on New York's Long Island stabbed an older schoolmate in a dispute over cards.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Cover: Pok�� Mania - Page 1

  • Her schoolmate Jacqueline Kennedy, while first lady, was photographed wearing one of Pulitzer's dresses -- and made her a star.

    CNN: Iconic fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau dead

  • Born in Liverpool in February 1940, James Joseph Tarbuck was a schoolmate of John Lennon and had initially hoped to be a professional footballer.

    BBC: Profile: Jimmy Tarbuck

  • "I cannot believe anyone would be this aggressive for such a small undertaking, " says Barry Bowen, a Belize senator who is a childhood schoolmate of Ashcroft's.

    FORBES: Do As I Say

  • It wasn't until shortly before I was 11 and my family immigrated to the United States, that I casually mentioned the dish to a schoolmate in St.

    WSJ: Babushka's Dacha Dumplings

  • Muhammad started his workshop with the help of a schoolmate, Achmad Kalla, a member of an influential Sulawesi business family that today owns a major share in Bukaka.


  • However, she never lost her ability to be overwhelmed by small things like the 13-year-old boy, a schoolmate of her daughters, who moves her deeply with songs full of atavistic yearning.

    ECONOMIST: Athens

  • Having signed a three-year agreement not to compete with his former employer, all he could do was play golf and bat around business ideas with Martin Slagter, a schoolmate who had run Dell's European operations for him.

    FORBES: Fuller Brush meets Dell Computer

  • Thus, like Mike Moritz (The Little Kingdom) before me and Alan Deutschman (The Second Coming of Steve Jobs), I was accused of everything from being an agent for Bill Gates to being consumed with jealously for my old elementary schoolmate Steve Jobs.

    FORBES: Apple R.I.P.

  • New to the game are Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), a schoolmate with whom he falls in love, and Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), a one-armed scientist who, in an effort to while away those dull days, turns himself into a lizard the size of a plow horse.

    NEWYORKER: The Amazing Spider-Man

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