• It is not the sort of manoeuvre that is likely to succeed if at the same time he is threatening to shake up the ruling party.

    ECONOMIST: The legacy of Taiwan��s Lee

  • Ms Davidson is the party's first overall leader for Scotland, following a shake-up of the party structure.

    BBC: Leader Ruth Davidson admits she has a lot to prove

  • The post-1992 shake-up and new party-finance rules have made politicians across the board much more careful, though Italians still have low expectations of their public servants: witness the readiness of many Italians to vote for Silvio Berlusconi, the right-wing opposition's leader, despite his convictions for fraud.

    ECONOMIST: Is Europe corrupt? | The

  • After a political shake-up in November, the Democratic Party of Albanians, led by a veteran power-broker, Arben Xhaferi, became the main partner of the governing party, a movement that traces its history to the Slav-nationalist struggles of a century ago but has since become tamer.

    ECONOMIST: Macedonia

  • Presiding officers of the Scottish Parliament may in future be required to resign from their political party, under a possible shake-up of the rules.

    BBC: Review of Holyrood presiding officer election rules

  • Add to this the fact that, as a Chinese-American, Mr Fong represents a chance for the Republicans to shake up their image as a whites-only party.

    ECONOMIST: California��s Senate race

  • What it probably did was reinforce the perception in many Plaid members minds that the party establishment were concerned that a Leanne victory would really shake things up and had to be stopped.

    BBC: How Leanne left others trailing

  • They see her views, such as her calls for a shake-up to the education system and the 35-hour working week, as a betrayal of the Socialist Party's leftist credentials.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | Royal battles for nomination

  • Although the leadership shake-up has been expected for months, nothing was certain because of secrecy and in-fighting within the ruling Party.

    BBC: China begins leadership change

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