• Out on the dock, Ernestine shucks off her heels and dangles her feet in the water.

    CNN: Bradley's twilight cruise

  • Jones displayed a startling recall for financial minutiae, even as he put on his best aw-shucks-good-ol'-boy-from-Arkansas act.

    FORBES: Sidelines

  • Reagan saved his "aw shucks" charm for when he talked about the size of the U.S. federal government.

    FORBES: Fred Thompson Will Run

  • The aw-shucks owner of Dairy Queen says he only buys businesses he understands.

    WSJ: Warren Buffett & the Vampire Squid

  • Now, normally I have no problem with Packers fans: blue-collar team, aw-shucks fans, hallowed tradition, cool logo, etc, etc.

    FORBES: Super Bowl Smack-Talk: Steeler Nation versus Cheesehead Nation

  • Reminded that he is winning the ERA battle with his more-heralded former teammate, Warren broke into a perfect aw-shucks grin.

    WSJ: Matt Harvey's Yankee Buddy

  • He built up HP during the 1940s-to-1960s-that great midcentury time in America when the "aw-shucks, " workaday engineer was an esteemed figure.

    FORBES: CEOs for the next century

  • Mr Blunt likes to portray himself as an aw-shucks small-town boy, but he too grew up in the world of politics.

    ECONOMIST: And who will cut the victory?

  • Much of the art world accepted him for what he was even as he hid his own self-doubt under a gee-shucks insouciance.

    ECONOMIST: Exile on Main Street | The

  • Redmayne has a virginal look, a knocked-silly astonishment when the most famous woman in the world shucks off her clothes and jumps into a freezing river.

    NEWYORKER: My Week with Marilyn

  • Eddie Redmayne has a virginal look, and a knocked-silly amazement when the most famous woman in the world shucks her clothes in front of him and jumps into a freezing river.

    NEWYORKER: Fantastic Voyages

  • Griffith pulled it off seamlessly: As you watch him, you understand how the smiling, aw-shucks, I'm-just-a-country-boy Lonesome Rhodes could cynically use the then-new medium of national television to become as powerful as the president, while privately holding his viewers in utter contempt.

    CNN: Andy Griffith's crowning achievement

  • The low-key, aw-shucks Overbay hit a two-run homer and finished with five RBIs on Friday night, and Ichiro Suzuki also hit a two-run homer as the banged-up Yankees opened their only trip to Kansas City with an 11-6 rout of the scuffling Royals.

    WSJ: Overbay, Suzuki power Yankees past Royals, 11-6

  • Whatever schoolboy lore says about Abe Lincoln 's log cabin or Lyndon Johnson 's "Aw shucks" Texas upraising, many, if not most, U.S. presidents were born well-to-do, and nearly all were quite well off by the time they sought the nation's highest office.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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