• AirNet had planes, flew cargo, had logistics aspects to the business model, and leveraged sophisticated technology.

    FORBES: The Path from CIO to CEO: The Beyond CIO Series

  • For example, Groupon uses a sophisticated technology platform to target relevant deals, which are based on subscriber preferences.

    FORBES: Groupon IPO Filing: Secrets to Its Success

  • This could only be removed by a programme of on-going monitoring that used the latest and most sophisticated technology.

    BBC: Atoll PA

  • "Rendezvous and docking is a sophisticated technology, " said Yang Hong, Tiangong-1's chief designer.

    BBC: Rocket launches Chinese space lab

  • Sophisticated technology systems developed over the last decade allow it to inch out on the limb without risking too much.

    FORBES: Goldman Leads The Risk Parade

  • Natural gas projects are complex endeavors that require specialized, sophisticated technology and services to compress or liquefy the natural gas.

    FORBES: Another Way to Sanction Iran: Natural Gas

  • They now have 71 battalions to hunt the insurgents, up from 37 in 2009, plus sophisticated technology such as drones.

    ECONOMIST: A grim reminder that the Naxals have not gone away

  • However, this requires more sophisticated technology to look for agents in DNA, which can be stable and present for weeks after exposure.

    BBC: Syria chemical weapons claims: UK and US tread cautiously

  • Suffolk played down the concerns about mobile security, saying that all smartphones harbored sophisticated technology and could be deemed a threat.

    FORBES: Interview: Huawei's Cyber Security Chief Slams U.S. 'Protectionism'

  • The collection of personal data is becoming pervasive due to increasingly sophisticated technology which is becoming universally available at a low cost.

    FORBES: Quote of the Day: Here Today, Gone More Valuable Tomorrow

  • Businesses have sophisticated technology to monitor online behaviour, collect information about shopping habits and websites visited, and the services consumers have looked at.

    BBC: Online shopping technology faces OFT focus

  • The kingdom also is using sophisticated technology -- thermal screening equipment at entry points and mobile devices to document suspected cases of the flu.

    CNN: Gearing up for prevention: The Hajj meets H1N1

  • What a contrast to the White House's earlier promiscuous, if not corrupt, licensing of highly sophisticated technology that has aided in Beijing's arms buildup.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Intermediate technology has meant many things to many people as a type of technology which lies in between the primitive technology and sophisticated technology.

    FORBES: The Future is Complicated

  • When it comes to more sophisticated technology like storage networks and server arrays, the company will have to spend billions hiring service and support personnel.

    FORBES: Pulled in a New Direction

  • When it comes to more sophisticated technology, such as storage networks and server arrays, the company will have to spend billions hiring service and support personnel.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Brazilian banks have strong branch networks and fairly sophisticated technology, installed in the days of inflation to ensure that money could be collected and invested instantaneously.

    ECONOMIST: Latin America

  • The Persian Gulf War and Kosovo operations underscored the yawning discrepancy between the sophisticated technology used by the American military and that upon which U.S. allies rely.


  • Transportation officials equipped with increasingly sophisticated technology are considering ways they can use traffic signal-prioritization not just to speed the progress of buses, but to solve bus bunching.

    FORBES: Busting Bus Bunching With Traffic Signals

  • In principle, it suffices to have the financial means and the sophisticated technology needed to explore a world that in parts lies as far as 11 km beneath the ocean surface.


  • Increasingly sophisticated technology, with its ability to invade personal privacy, often without people being aware of it, and globally share it instantaneously has numbed us to what is an inappropriate intrusion.

    FORBES: All The World's A Stage, And All The Men And Women Merely Waiting For You To Hit 'Record'

  • But at least the U.S. free enterprise system, spearheaded by startups supported by the venture capital community as well as big, sophisticated technology corporations, is doing the right thing and more aggressively improving cyber defenses.

    FORBES: Investing Opportunity: Prepping For Cyber Pearl Harbor

  • Founded in the 1990s by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ITA is known for its sophisticated technology that can handle queries, such as finding the cheapest fare based on parameters like flight time, destination and number of stops.

    WSJ: ITA Becomes Hot Ticket

  • Building drones, particularly armed drones, takes sophisticated technology and specific weaponry, but governments are increasingly willing to invest the necessary time and money to either buy or develop them, as armed drones are increasingly seen as an integral part of modern warfare.

    CNN: A dangerous new world of drones

  • Although there are hundreds of group-buying sites in existence, there are only a half a dozen that have a turn-key solution: a known presence in top markets, editorial infrastructure, a credible and local sales force and a sophisticated technology platform that can scale.

    FORBES: Online Group Buying's Need For Speed

  • Qualcomm, which has a long history of providing technology to cellphone manufacturers, likes to emphasize its experience and expertise in the mobile device industry while Nvidia points to sophisticated technology and engineering that it brought over from its graphics processing unit (GPU) business.

    FORBES: Nvidia CEO: Quad-Core Tablets Coming By End Of Year

  • As the Center described in its recent paper entitled Trading Places: NATO May Lose Technological Edge to Warsaw Pact as Commerce Decontrols Key Technologies, (1) COCOM and member nations are currently considering decontrolling the transfer to the Soviet bloc of a plethora of sophisticated technology.


  • "Because it's contact-less there's a perception people can grab it from thin air, but it's actually a more sophisticated technology than credit cards with a magnetic stripe, making it more difficult to steal a consumer's payment information, " said Nick Holland, a mobile-transactions analyst at Yankee Group.

    WSJ: Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments

  • Goldman's hundreds of traders are assisted by some of the most sophisticated information technology in the world.

    FORBES: Fear, Greed And Technology

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