• They are working with the Not For Sale Campaign to source from that region specifically to benefit the producers and communities, bringing the material to a Cambodian manufacturer also committed to a fully transparent supply chain.

    FORBES: Wisdom Of A CSR Pioneer

  • Interestingly, Lithuania's nuclear power plant in Ignalina (4) provides a major source of electricity for the region.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Although Cameroon's security forces have stepped up security in the region, a source told French radio that the government in Yaounde had been given no advance warning of the Nigerian campaign.

    BBC: Nigeria army's offensive to continue 'as long as it takes'

  • However, senior presidential adviser Hwang Won Tak told South Korean television that the two Kims had discussed the possibility of U.S. troops remaining in Korea as a source of stability for the region.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Korea: Korea's Big Show

  • Warring insurgent groups, such as the Ugandan-based Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and the Hutu-backed militia known as FDLR, operating in the eastern DRC are a main source for instability in the region, the agency said.

    CNN: UNICEF reports sexual violence in the Congo region

  • Its Austrian rival, Erste Bank, thinks that retail banking is the main source of profit in the region, and so has bought retail banks with market shares of around 20% in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    ECONOMIST: Bank Austria and Hypovereinsbank: Running repairs | The

  • In Part 3 , we look at how the main water source for most of this region, the Colorado River, has been affected by drought, and how that may affect the water politics in the upcoming decades.

    NPR: Struggling over Water: A Series Overview

  • Whether directly or through the provision of economic assistance that permits the Syrian government to spend its own limited resources on military equipment, the expansion or upgrading of Syrian forces would be a source of instability in the region.


  • Together with its genocidal rhetoric against Israel, its calls for the destruction of the US, and its incitement for the overthrow of the governments of Egypt and Jordan, among others, Iran is the single largest source of instability in the region.


  • "No project received a larger investment from our Olympic and Paralympic legacy fund and I'm confident this facility will be a source of pride for the region where local people will be inspired to develop a sporting habit for life, " he said.

    BBC: Derby velodrome work set to start

  • They have been, after the government, the sole source of job creation in the region.

    FORBES: The Arab Spring: Growing Entrepreneurs, Canceling Dynasties

  • MALAYSIA'S government is keen to portray the country's financial system as a source of strength in a sickly region.

    ECONOMIST: Malaysian banks

  • With over 42, 000 graduates, two-thirds of whom live and work in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Fox is a major source of management talent in the region and has close relations with business.

    ECONOMIST: Which MBA? school profiles: Temple University��Fox School of Business | The

  • According to a source with a stake in the region, many larger stake firms have kept their distance as not to hurt their partnerships with countries that would not be keen on collaborating with Israel.

    FORBES: EU Sets Sites on Eastern Med Gas Plans

  • It has a keen interest in ending Afghanistan's role as a haven for Islamic terrorists, not least because it sees that as the source of much instability around the region, including in its own Xinjiang province.

    ECONOMIST: First, build the coalition. Then, think what to do

  • The West Coast relies heavily on the pipeline for a cheap, domestic source of crude, and the region will need to pay a premium to ship in increasing amounts of foreign oil if Alaskan production continues to fall.

    WSJ: Drilling Rules Hit Alaska Pipeline

  • Although the exact mechanism is still not entirely understood, it turns out that illuminating the liquid crystal, applying a voltage across a small region of it, and then turning off the light source causes a small amount of charge to be stored in that region.

    ECONOMIST: Just press print

  • The possibility of an Israeli pre-emptive strike is a further source of instability in an already volatile region.

    ECONOMIST: The axis powers

  • Agricultural cultivation consumes the largest share of water in the Arab region and is a primary source of water stress.


  • Even though women account in average for 18 % of the members of parliament in the region, they are the source ofonly about 6 % of political news.

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • In the texts, Tsarnaev wrote to his mother about his interest in joining the militant movement carrying out attacks against Russia in the Caucasus region, the law enforcement source told CNN.

    CNN: Source: Russia withheld details about Tsarnaev

  • Last month, CNN reported that Plotnikov and six others died in a July 2012 firefight with Russian forces in the southwestern republic of Dagestan, while Tsarnaev was visiting the region, according to a source briefed on the investigation.


  • BUSH'S UNWILLINGNESS to carry through on his freedom agenda in the face of unrelenting opposition from Europe, the Arabs and his foreign policy establishment is what has prevented him throughout his presidency from contending with the greatest source of volatility and danger in the region - Iran.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Will the real Bush finally stand up?

  • And remittances, a big source of foreign-exchange revenue in the region, could fall steeply in a prolonged slowdown.

    ECONOMIST: Central Asia and the financial crisis: After the boom | The

  • He wants to "pivot to Asia" - believing America has focused too much on the Middle East at the expense of the region that will be a growing source of an American prosperity in the future.

    BBC: North Korea: A test for the Obama doctrine

  • But the governor of the region and the biggest source of its revenue is one Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, a London football club, and the boss of Sibneft, which set up many of its tax-avoidance companies there.

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood

  • Of course the region has long been the leading source of headaches to global policy makers, but the possibility of leakage of weapons of mass destruction and the sharp exacerbation of religious tensions in the region seem set to make things even worse.

    BBC: Bashar al-Assad

  • The flow of cash from Filipinos working in the Middle East is also a source of concern, given the discord in the region.

    BBC: A rickshaw pedals through flooded streets

  • Port Hedland had closed three main iron ore ports in the Pilbara region, the world's largest source of iron ore, as the cyclone approached.

    BBC: Australia hit by Tropical Cyclone Rusty

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