• Risk management a discipline in which Mr Thain is said to excel needs to be spruced up, to put it kindly.

    ECONOMIST: Investment banking

  • The personal-shopping area at Topshop has been spruced up since I last visited.

    WSJ: Tina Gaudoin on Style: How to Wear Topshop Past 25

  • For a true milliner, none of the hats is bought and spruced up -- these women are starting from scratch.

    CNN: Crowning glory: The art of Kentucky Derby hats

  • In just four years since becoming chief executive, this 58-year-old prince of picayune has spruced up a very mediocre chain.

    FORBES: Clawing back

  • Shareholders would be irked, but perhaps the best thing that could happen to them would be for the bank to be spruced up and sold.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Uefa Champions League banners and both teams' colours line the streets up to Hampden Park stadium, which has also been spruced up for the occasion.

    BBC: Glasgow in party mood

  • The faded port was spruced up before its liberation anniversary at the end of March, and a new bridge across the Han river is almost complete.

    CNN: Stops and Starts

  • There are miles of wide, uninterrupted, traffic-free walking and cycling paths in London ( with maps available online), many of which are being spruced up and connected for the summer.

    BBC: Sidestepping London��s Olympic crowds

  • Though debt and unemployment (now running at a rate of nearly 15%) remain high, the port and infrastructure are being spruced up and new industry is moving in.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • Failing businesses were neither spruced up nor sold nor closed.

    ECONOMIST: German business: Zeissmic shift | The

  • The whole place was spruced up with new paint, and I can tell you they were very excited about this first-ever visit to this country by a president of the Untied States.

    NPR: President Bush Praises Democracy in Georgia

  • The tight schedule leaves a little more than an hour for the presenters to read the briefs on the interviews they'll conduct during the programme - and to get themselves spruced up for TV.

    BBC: NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Natasha's first anniversary

  • The ancient, all-of-a-piece jumble of khaki fieldstone buildings, wooden shutters and half-pipe roof tiles is as spruced up as a resort these days, with no graffiti in sight or tumbled ruins or paving stones out of place.

    FORBES: Brunello Cucinelli: Life By Design

  • Text messaging has been spruced up as well, allowing multiple recipients to be added at the same time when sending a message, automatically saving unsent texts as drafts and letting users edit received messages before forwarding them.

    ENGADGET: T-Mobile HTC 8X gets Windows Phone 8 update packing text messaging and WiFi tweaks

  • Also likely to be included in that group, he thinks, are Jones Apparel, Michaels Stores and Foot Locker, all publicly traded companies that appear to be on the brink of being taken private, getting spruced up, then going public again.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Most businesses haven't spruced up billing and accounting to keep pace with the complex services, creating a system riddled with waste--paying bills for inactive lines, ignoring discounts and failing to spot employee fraud and curb excessive dial-up time from workers' homes.

    FORBES: Dialing for Dollars

  • But that's what this film is -- the old Grimm folktale spruced up with state of the art visual effects and maximized battle action, coupled with a more playful, family-friendly approach than filmmakers took in "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" and "Snow White and the Huntsman".


  • At the same time, it promised to keep the pits open until trading volume became insignificant, spruced up its electronic trading software, passed out 250 handhelds to traders, opened a computer room so that floor brokers and traders can practice online trading and courted electronic trading groups popping up worldwide.

    FORBES: That Other Exchange

  • In a field where outcomes are difficult to quantify, Morgan insists on showing results beyond spruced-up buildings.

    FORBES: Corporate Communion

  • Hoping to give its services an edge over rivals, it introduced a spruced-up, third-generation version of Go at the January Consumer Electronics Show.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The war both caused and remedied the problem: competitors were housed in a pair of spruced-up RAF camps and an army convalescent home.

    ECONOMIST: Echoes and lessons of London��s previous Olympic games

  • But unless the borsa can offer a spruced-up market, backed by reformed corporate governance, potential investors and issuers of equities will be deterred.

    ECONOMIST: Italy��s stock exchange

  • He no longer spruced himself up when he was going out.

    NEWYORKER: The Insufferable Gaucho

  • Friedman is mostly upbeat on the spring sales season at Banana Republic, thanks to a spruced-up line of men's blazers and a fresh lineup of women's handbags.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In the fall it will release new and spruced-up features on the Microsoft Network, the number two online service (with 8 million paying subscriptions to AOL's 34 million).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • There was no House of Lords, no landed gentry or old bourgeoisie, only the former Socialist working people who'd spruced themselves up, and now crowded forward in a carnivalesque exertion, grasping for the stars.

    NPR: Book Review: 'Our Man In Iraq'

  • Like McDonald's, which attracted more high-end customers with spruced-up restaurants while not abandoning its dollar menu, Wal-Mart's trick will be to build on the early success of some upscale apparel lines while continuing to offer low price points across its products, Shapira indicated.


  • It sheds the newer Cortex-A15 architecture of the Tegra 4 for a spruced-up 2.3GHz Cortex-A9 with the i500 LTE modem built directly into the chip die -- a move that cuts the surface area in half and simplifies the hardware, even as it supposedly outruns equivalent competition.


  • There would be a workable defence for the media of "responsible public journalism", a spruced-up version of the so-called "Reynolds Defence" in which inaccurate allegations against the former Irish Prime Minister were justified on the basis that they had been responsibly put together and were so serious that they deserved to be aired.

    BBC: Cheering the changes

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