• The implication is that if zombielike threats emerge, the state and civil society will quickly break down.

    WSJ: Why Zombies Are Everywhere

  • More recently, realizing the need to work together rather than compete, Diadema and the other municipal governments in the industrial region of the MRSP, home to many favelas, have set up both a Regional Chamber and an Agency for Economic Development made up of municipal and state government officials, unions, businesspeople and civil society.

    FORBES: Curfew In The Favela

  • With the aim to ensure national and government endorsement to the National Youth Policy, this conference will more specifically review the participatory process based on partnership between the United Nations, civil society and the State.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences Events | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • "The political foundations from Germany are making an important contribution to the development of democratic structures, the building of a state based on law and the encouragement of civil society, " CDU general secretary Hermann Groehe said in a statement.

    BBC: Fears for NGOs in Russia as tax raids multiply

  • Moreover, each signatory State recognizes the fundamental role of civil society and commits itself to encouraging its active participation.

    UNESCO: Diversity of Cultural Expressions

  • The debate reflects a broader ideological struggle in the party as Mr. Bo's supporters favor his brand of government relying on strong state intervention in society and the economy while many of his opponents advocate greater emphasis on private enterprise and civil society.

    WSJ: Briton Who Died in China Expressed Fears to Friends

  • "The event will mobilize Heads of State and government, leaders of UN agencies, international and bilateral organizations, foundations, donors, the private sector, civil society, academics, religious leaders, eminent personalities, the media and other stakeholders in an effort to reinforce commitment in favour of programs for girls' education, " said the Federal Minister for Education and Training.

    UNESCO: Joint Press Conference to announce "Stand up for Malala - Stand up for Girls' Right to Education" Day | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Cognisance of all these principles needs to be taken into account on these burgeoning platforms by the range of actors involved, whether State bodies, private sector intermediaries, the media, civil society and individual users.

    UNESCO: World Press Freedom Day 2013

  • The reality is that Chavez has designed a model of "totalitarian democracy" where he has used state resources to gain political power at the expense of civil society and where petro-dollars have allowed him to buy the hearts and votes of people who have chosen to ignore the fact that they have less representation, less dignity, and fewer rights.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Civil disobedience, Chavez, and democracy

  • Our success on this front cannot be made through state actions alone but will need to involve cooperation with civil society groups and structures.

    FORBES: Dmitry Medvedev's Davos Keynote: Complete Transcript

  • Many of his supporters favor a stronger state role in the economy and society, while his opponents advocate a greater role for civil society, private enterprise and the rule of law.

    WSJ: U.K. Seeks Probe Into China Death

  • Mr Assad himself added more oblique warnings in a rare interview published in February, declaring that the forums were not representative of public opinion, that the term civil society was a foreign invention, and that he would never allow the interests of the state to be endangered.

    ECONOMIST: Bashar in the steps of his father

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