• Whether we like it or not, we are going back to the pre-Bismarckian world, where work had no formal stopping point.

    ECONOMIST: Ageing in the rich world

  • Before the 1914 opening of the Panama Canal, Valparaiso was an important stopping point for travellers sailing between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, making the city an economic and cultural centre.

    BBC: Living in: Great university towns

  • During the oral argument, the key "swing" Justice, Anthony Kennedy, indicated that he would only vote to uphold the individual mandate if he could find a logical stopping point to the government's argument.

    CNN: Health ruling can't avoid politics

  • Many students who volunteered their time to keep the massive event from devolving into chaos Wednesday quietly expressed hope that a trend was developing, and that the Atlantic Coast Conference school would become a regular election-year stopping point for presidential hopefuls.

    CNN: Wait Chapel event a homecoming for the debate commission

  • And its 2 am closing time makes it the perfect stopping off point for downtown barhoppers.

    BBC: In LA, five eateries, one stop

  • But even before that, the Knicks haven't been that good at stopping opposing point guards.

    WSJ: The Knicks' Weakest Link

  • The first hot spot was Chequers Inn in Doddington, once a stopping-point for religious pilgrims en route to nearby Canterbury.

    FORBES: Untapped Market

  • Nabokov was sharp for the Islanders in the first period, stopping three point-blank shots in the first six minutes and two breakaways by Kevin Porter later in the period.

    WSJ: Vanek lifts Sabres over Isles in season finale

  • Together they crisscrossed around the Boston area, at one point stopping for gas and another time so that another person could join them in the car.


  • Reimer was unstoppable in the first half of the game, stopping a couple point blank shots off Bruins center Gregory Campbell, while diving to save a Patrice Bergeron wraparound attempt.

    WSJ: Toronto Maple Leafs Force a Game 7

  • However, shelters especially designed for the B-2 have been set up at Diego Garcia in the central Indian Ocean, which is used by the U.S. military as a stopping-off point for its bombers.

    CNN: 509th Bomb Wing

  • For many Mexicans it's just a stopping-off point.


  • Start an email campaign, make a point of stopping by the customer service desk after check out, and get your friends and neighbors to do the same.

    FORBES: Save On Gas With Retail Loyalty Programs

  • The technology vehicle is slowed with the aid of AMG high-performance ceramic composite brakes, which boast extremely short stopping distances, a precise actuation point and outstanding fade resistance, even in extreme operating conditions.

    ENGADGET: Visualized: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell bares all

  • And at that point they announced they were stopping development assistance, and limiting themselves to humanitarian assistance.

    BBC: Interview with Lord Malloch Brown

  • Schuettler served first and was quickly 0-40 down and though he delivered an ace on the first break point, there was no stopping Nadal.

    BBC: Nadal win sets up Federer final

  • We generally think of the shutdown of sites like Napster and Megaupload as being about stopping unauthorized copying, but the real point is to ensure that if someone finds a profitable business model using copyrighted content, they have a strong incentive to get a license to use the content.

    FORBES: What is Copyright For?

  • At one point in his filibuster, Paul said there would be nothing stopping the United States from dropping a missile on Jane Fonda, who actively protested the Vietnam War in the 1970s.

    CNN: Five questions: Targeting Americans on U.S. soil

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