• AstraZeneca is not the only pharma house maneuvering for a patent stretch-out (see "The Bittersweet Pill").

    FORBES: Hard to Swallow

  • More precisely, the inherited 401(k) can be converted into an inherited IRA and enjoy the stretch-out capability of the latter.

    FORBES: Survivor Alert

  • Under the new law, beginning on Jan. 1, 2007, 401(k)s will acquire the same stretch-out flexibility that IRAs have had for years.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • With a stretch-out IRA you leave the account to, say, your kids, and they keep the tax deferral going over their own life expectancies, which could be decades.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Under the new regs, it is vastly easier for taxpayers to set up "stretch-out" IRAs which were uncovered and named by Forbes in 1990 that live long after the owner dies.

    FORBES: Gift Horse

  • Stretch-out is a godsend to youngsters inheriting retirement money.

    FORBES: Survivor Alert

  • So if the dentist doesn't need the money, he can leave it growing tax free for his kids and grandkids, who can then stretch out tax-free withdrawals over their own life expectancies.

    FORBES: Which One To Pick First

  • The home keeper was at full-stretch again to keep out Francisco Sandaza's glancing header, while James McCarthy went close with a strike at the other end.

    BBC: Hamilton Accies 3-1 Dundee United

  • You could use both controllers to grab a 2-D plane like an image and stretch it out, or place it in different positions in the virtual 3-D space.

    FORBES: Sony's PlayStation Move: Deep In The Heart Of Sony's R&D Lab

  • Later on I will have a family-sized cabin to stretch out in as we cross Nebraska.

    CNN: Amtrak train: No better way to connect with U.S. voters

  • The U.S. and the world went into a deep recession in the early 1930s, but it took the protectionist Taft-Hartley bill to stretch it out into a prolonged depression.

    FORBES: Ugly Choices Ahead For Central Bankers: Will The Yen Drop 50%?

  • Coeur managers cut road exposure down to a 10-mile stretch by flying into and out of a desolate gravel landing strip, which they extended 700 feet and will soon pave.

    FORBES: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  • He successfully rode out a stretch of government-imposed tight controls on real estate lending in China with a double-digit increase in its Hong Kong shares in the past year.

    FORBES: 2013 Forbes Billionaires List: Rising China's 10 Richest

  • At the other, the White House would merely let heirs to family-owned farms and businesses stretch out payments over 14 years, as now, but defer more tax and pay lower interest on it.

    CNN: Death And Lower Taxes

  • But Duke had serious trouble stopping the Terps, who scored on 12 of 17 trips downcourt and used an 18-6 run to stretch the lead back out to 13.

    NPR: Wells Leads Maryland To 83-74 Upset Of No. 2 Duke

  • But it was the home side who created the first opening when Peter Lipcsei sent Rosa running clear into the box - only for Graham Stack to stretch out a hand to block his clipped shot.

    BBC: SPORT | Football | Europe | Ferencvaros 3-1 Millwall

  • These accounts can be saved for midcareer graduate education and you may even be able to stretch out the account to fund your great-grandchild's college education.

    FORBES: Money & Investing

  • Suddenly we were confronted with seats where one's nose was almost touching the back of the seat in front, and where the ability to stretch out in a reclining position was non-existent.

    BBC: News Online

  • Months of picnics, outdoor shows and wine-sodden nights in summertime finery (or, at the very least, jean shorts and well-worn wife beaters -- however it is you roll) stretch out before you.

    CNN: Three niche dating sites for targeted romance

  • Cadillac Ranch, Texas: In 1974 the late, local eccentric millionaire Stanley Marsh planted 10 Cadillacs (vintage 1949 to 1963) headlights down in a deserted stretch of dirt outside Amarillo - and then moved them further out in 1997 because of town encroachment.

    BBC: Share this page

  • Air New Zealand studied household furniture and, in its warehouse lab, experimented with bunk beds, staggered coach seating in kind of a tic-tac-toe pattern that would allow passengers to stretch out more with legs protruding between seats, or even stacking seats atop each other in the coach cabin.

    WSJ: Remedy the Squeeze in Airplanes' Coach Cabins

  • Louisville forced 12 Duke turnovers with 10 steals, held the Blue Devils to just one field goal over an 11-minute stretch in the second half and made an adventure out of something as simple as Duke's guards trying to cross halfcourt.

    WSJ: Louisville Overcomes Duke, Injury to Move to Final Four

  • The younger you are when you inherit an IRA, the longer you can stretch out those withdrawals, enjoying more time for potential tax-free growth of the investments.

    WSJ: Family Value: Leaving Your Roth IRA to the Kids

  • For Royal Dutch Shell (nyse: RDSA - news - people ), maybe the action needs to stretch out to 2028 to take the risk out of an Arctic platform or a transcontinental pipeline.

    FORBES: Give Oil a Future

  • Behind him, the twisting green vines stretch out into the distance, their leaves tinged with gauzy mid-afternoon light, their stems rising up from a rich ochre-red soil.

    BBC: The three colours of Ibiza

  • He showed few signs of rust, however, striking out four in a row at one stretch in his 7 1-3 innings.

    WSJ: Pettitte earns win as Yankees beat Blue Jays 9-4

  • Another fire broke out Monday and burned three structures along a 5-mile stretch of the San Juan River in far northwestern New Mexico.

    MSN: Nuns, Boy Scouts among new wildfire evacuees

  • Tobias Seidl at the University of Zurich says that's because nobody thought fast-moving ants were smart enough to bend and stretch their way under low-hanging obstacles without first slowing down to check them out.

    NPR: Mole-Rats, Ants Making Science Headlines

  • Queues can stretch for miles as eager diners wait for them to be dished out onto communist-era enamel dishes.

    BBC: Mini guide to Shanghai, China

  • With five minutes of the first-half left, Charlie Mulgrew stepped up to place one of his trademark free-kicks and Hamilton keeper Tomas Cerny was at full stretch to parry the ball out for a corner.

    BBC: Hamilton's David Elebert (left) tussles with Sone Aluko

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