• In drought years, many of their cows die and they subsist on food aid.

    ECONOMIST: Why the Masai send their slower children to school

  • Yemen is a poor country with a dispersed population, many of whom subsist without basic government services.

    ECONOMIST: Yemen

  • The family must subsist on a single income while still paying the taxes that finance public schools.

    ECONOMIST: The growth of home-schooling

  • Contrary to suspicions that models subsist on little more than air, Ms. Corrigan added that she is pretty health-conscious.

    WSJ: Fashion Plates: Here's the Skinny on Off-the-Runway Pigging Out

  • They figured that the demons would not be able to subsist by themselves.

    ECONOMIST: The Amur River

  • Lacking regular supply lines, the rebels subsist on goats, onions and the occasional bit of salt donated by friendly peasants.

    ECONOMIST: Sudan

  • Krill (crustaceans resembling prawns) subsist on phytoplankton and are in turn eaten by fish, squid, jellyfish, seabirds, penguins, seals, whales and other animals.

    BBC: How Antarctica works

  • Some 300, 000 people have been resettled so far, many in the southern Oromia region, where it has proved particularly hard to subsist.

    ECONOMIST: Ethiopia

  • Most women who land in Odessa are, like Katya, poorly educated, and often from villages that subsist on remittances from happier emigrants.

    ECONOMIST: A hub of the modern slave trade

  • If it was too wet to light a fire, they had to subsist on hardtack biscuits and cold sowbelly doused in vinegar.

    ECONOMIST: The American West: A wild, wild place | The

  • In true survivalist manner, Croft also teaches his family how to subsist on alternative sources of nourishment, such as algae, roasted mice and live earthworms.


  • Well, if you let that happen, you can't, I think, subsist on a tax system that's producing 18 and a half percent of the GDP.


  • Monkey Point is inhabited by the Rama and Creole communities who live in isolation and are people of predominately African ancestry who subsist on fish and jungle animals.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Tehran threat in the US�� backyard

  • "We believe that adults subsist for two to three weeks on the last feedings they had as juveniles and then die, hopefully after they have reproduced, " Sikkel said.

    CNN: Newly discovered ocean critter named after Bob Marley

  • Some 3m of Somalia's 8m people need aid to subsist.

    ECONOMIST: Canny traders adapt to anarchy

  • These farmers barely subsist on crowded and overworked land.

    ECONOMIST: Zimbabwe: Swapping land for votes | The

  • Iran cries out for a proper welfare system, directed at those most in need: 15% of the population subsist below the poverty line, and average living standards are no higher than 20 years ago.

    ECONOMIST: Stunted and distorted | The

  • Unless a decision is made, the IOC is facing the prospect of having the 199 national Olympic bodies, which now subsist on IOC contributions, launching fledgling Web businesses to help pay for their athletes' training.

    CNN: Analysis: Internet media banned from the Olympics

  • And if the phone is going to literally be nothing more than a portal to the web, then it's going to be a tough sell for those that have to subsist on a very strict data diet.

    ENGADGET: Firefox OS is repeating the mistakes of others and hoping for a different outcome

  • Any region where people have simply given up all hope and subsist entirely on Food Inc. produce at home, and Supersize Me food outside the home, is a region where it is Game Over for the economy.

    FORBES: Why We Need a Food Truck Index

  • Partly because, since the election, the press has had to subsist on a dispiriting gruel of reviews, white papers and bills, leaked only in so far as the government wanted them leaked and, in truth, making dull news.

    ECONOMIST: The hounding of Geoffrey Robinson

  • Over half the Russian people today subsist outside of a money-economy system, surviving by barter and by getting whatever food they can from relatives, friends and neighbors or from what they grow on patches of land in the countryside.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • One of the reasons that the Reynolds women were so attracted to vanilla is that a single producing vanilla vine can support an entire Haitian family financially for a year, much as a cow might help a poor farmer subsist.

    FORBES: Haiti Doesn't Need Our Help

  • Many patients must subsist on transfusions.

    FORBES: Celgene Aims For Fast FDA Approval

  • We hold matches galore: radio and television stations, bully pulpits all over Washington, plenty of high-tech communications toys that the Iranian opposition could use with devastating effect, and money for the overwhelming majority of hard-working Iranians who today cannot subsist on their salaries.


  • Rising up from the desolation is the one shiny thing on the New York side's skyline, the new Seneca Niagara Casino, a hopeful mirage where grannies, suburbanites and cash-strapped locals two-thirds of whom subsist on public assistance unload lives of quiet desperation, quarter by quarter, into the slots.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Inventing Niagara'

  • Ryan Croft in Asheville, North Carolina, for instance, said he was teaching his family how to subsist on alternative sources of nourishment like algae, roasted mice and earthworms, as well as making a one-of-a-kind assault rifle -- a hybrid between an AR-15 and AK-47 -- to deal with signs of doom lurking around the corner.

    CNN: The end of the world? Not quite yet

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