• In Afghanistan, he says, he was held for five months and tortured, before being released without charge after it was discovered that he had been confused with an al-Qaeda suspect of the same name.

    ECONOMIST: Extraordinary renditions

  • "Security authorities suspect that three of al Qaeda's most dangerous operatives -- Ammar Ubadah al-Waeli, Ayeth Jaber al-Shebwani, Saleh al-Tayes -- may have been also eliminated, " the embassy said.

    CNN: Yemen says 6 al Qaeda leaders killed

  • London, England (CNN) -- The father of an al Qaeda suspect wrote to President Obama on Tuesday, urging him to reconsider an alleged order to capture or kill his son.

    CNN: Al-Awlaki's father asks Obama to end manhunt

  • Mr bin al-Shibh is considered to be the most important al-Qaeda suspect to be apprehended since the arrest of Abu Zubaydah, the terrorist organisation's chief of operations, in March in Faisalabad in Pakistan.

    ECONOMIST: A breakthrough

  • Some also suspect al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden -- the mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington -- may be in the area.

    CNN: Fierce battle in al Qaeda hunt

  • American authorities appear to have raised their threat level as a wartime precaution, rather than in response to a specific threat, though the Federal Bureau of Investigation gave warning last week that a particularly dangerous al-Qaeda suspect is on the loose and may try to slip into the country.

    ECONOMIST: Tense times at home

  • The CIA is checking claims that top al-Qaeda suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was involved in the killing of Mr Berg.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Politics | Carey condemns Iraq beheading

  • Pakistani security men say it is ridiculous to suspect any complicity: they are at war with al-Qaeda, have arrested 40 of its leaders, and suffered violent attacks, including on ISI offices and the army's headquarters in Rawalpindi.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan after bin Laden

  • "I am not aware of any evidence so far that the Boston suspect is part of any organized group, let alone al Qaeda, the Taliban, or one of their affiliates -- the only organizations whose members are subject to detention under the Authorization for Use of Military Force, as it has been consistently interpreted by all three branches of our government, " he said.


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