• To win the deal, DocuSign had to meet IRS requirements in the areas of secure authentication, consumer consent, separate audit trail, and tamper proof process.

    FORBES: eSignature Serves The Public Sector

  • That is, the company released its Tylenol product with tamper-proof packing (again, it was something that cost millions).

    FORBES: Airbnb's Tylenol Moment

  • The oodles of online prices on which its index is based are tamper-proof.

    ECONOMIST: Why we are removing a figure from our indicators page

  • The UpTeq NFC acts as a tamper-proof secure element for consumers' confidential credentials and payment data and is a crucial part of enabling NFC transactions.

    ENGADGET: Gemalto adds AMEX, Mastercard and Visa certs to its UpTeq NFC SIM

  • Electronic gadgetry is tricky to use around high explosives of the sort used for bomb triggers, and it is hard to make any monitoring device reliably tamper-proof.

    ECONOMIST: The new nuclear pioneers

  • The Senate bill calls for tamper-proof Social Security cards and pushes to collect more biometric information from immigrants, but it stops short of requiring a full-fledged biometric I.

    WSJ: Boston Attacks Complicate Immigration Debate

  • The head of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Centre in Washington, a vocal critic of the Agreed Framework, has warned that even when the new reactors are completed they may not be tamper-proof.

    BBC: Analysis: N Korea's nuclear deal

  • "This is not tamper-proof, " he says.

    WSJ: To Meet the Biggest Wrap Stars, Stroll Through the Miami Airport

  • His own immigration-policy plans, framed as a national-security issue, were not different in any meaningful way from the compromise bill that consumed Congress this spring, except that he wanted every illegal resident to come forward for a tamper-proof identity card before getting in line for citizenship.

    NEWYORKER: Mayberry Man

  • If I were president of the United States, I could do something about that by deploying a fence, by deploying a virtual fence, by having a BorderStat system like my COMSTAT system that brought down crime in New York, and just stopping people from coming in, and then having a tamper-proof ID card.

    CNN: Giuliani's responses at the CNN/YouTube debate

  • Personally, I'm convinced that the answer to America's immigration woes is a middle-of-the-road approach that combines enforcement measures (continued workplace raids, speedier deportations, more spending on tools and technology for border patrol agents, etc.) with guest workers, an increase in legal immigration, a tamper-proof ID card for all U.S. employees, tougher sanctions for employers and a path to earned legalization for illegal immigrants who came into the country before January 1, 2000.

    CNN: Commentary: Time for immigration reform is now

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