• They argued that the crime was solely the work of drifter Rudy Guede, who was convicted separately and is serving 16 years.


  • As the game wore on there was a sense that a major upset could be in the offing, but Maicon's devilish drifter put paid to that and soon Brazil were controlling the game in the manner with which their World Cup opponents have become accustomed.

    BBC: Brazil 2-1 North Korea

  • In this 1933 musical comedy, the round-eyed, sweetly leering comedian Eddie Cantor stars as Eddie, a bookish drifter who is run out of the small town of West Rome for speaking truth to the petty martinet of a mayor.

    NEWYORKER: Roman Scandals

  • Over a period of more than half a century, Bukowski, who was born in Germany and brought to America at the age of three, chronicled, in poems and novels, his life as a drifter and a drunk as he lurched through the mean streets of Los Angeles.

    ECONOMIST: New verse

  • Farrow, 48, described as a homeless drifter, was jailed for the rest of his life for the murders on Friday.

    BBC: Stephen Farrow

  • Is a star as solid as he is really the right choice to play a ghostly drifter of no fixed abode?

    NEWYORKER: Violent Screen

  • The cast includes Don Johnson and, in a cameo, Franco Nero, who played a coffin-dragging drifter named Django in an old spaghetti western of the same name.

    WSJ: Joe Morgenstern Reviews Django Unchained and Promised Land

  • At one point in the investigation, it was believed that Henry Lee Lucas, a drifter who claimed to have killed hundreds of people in dozens of states, may have been in the area about the time Debruhl disappeared.

    CNN: Cold case: 'Precious' girl vanished in '77

  • Farrow, 48, described as a homeless drifter, was jailed for life for the killings in November.

    BBC: Stephen Farrow: Dorset Police cleared over murderer texts

  • But her peace of mind is shattered by the arrival of a handsome, rifle-toting drifter who introduces himself as Eddie Bondo.

    ECONOMIST: Recent American fiction: Where the wild things are | The

  • Depomed also happens to be the biggest holding of Warren Buffett Next Door, Jack Weyland, 33, who I call Ramblin Jack in my book because Jack has been somewhat of a drifter since dropping out of college in the mid-1990s.

    FORBES: Buffett Next Door Makes Killing As Shingles Stock Surges

  • That drifter sensibility gives Dondero a certain perspective on the people he encounters and the places he passes through.

    NPR: Dondero's CD Takes Fans 'South of the South'

  • Released in 1957, the movie told the story of Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes, a drifter we first see in a rural Arkansas jail cell.

    CNN: Andy Griffith's crowning achievement

  • Owen Wilson plays a drifter trying to bilk Gary Sinise out of money in The Big Bounce, which is hitting theaters.

    FORBES: Stars in Their Eyes

  • The Reverend John Suddards had only been the vicar at St Mary's Church for six months when drifter Stephen Farrow stabbed him to death in his vicarage.

    BBC: Mr Suddards conducting a baptism

  • Gayle duly launched the first ball out of the ground for a massive six but Swann, unperturbed, delivered his drifter and Gayle was bowled after atempting an ugly swipe.

    BBC: Jonathan Agnew column

  • The hit track, inspired by producer Shawty Redd's underground strip-club anthem "Drifter, " features Snoop singing in auto-tune with typical charisma and humor.

    NPR: Snoop Dogg's Personality Carries 'Ego'

  • Certainly, the attempted bombing of a Paris-to-Miami flight last December by Richard Reid, a disaffected drifter from south London, was in this category.

    ECONOMIST: A clear and present danger | The

  • The story revolves around two young drug-test volunteers, psychology student Connie (Piper) and flirty drifter Tristan (Jonjo O'Neill), and two doctors played by Anastasia Hille and Tom Goodman-Hill.

    BBC: The Effect: Critics smitten by new Lucy Prebble play

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