• Automakers believe currency exchange rates should be established in the floating market, not by government intervention.

    FORBES: Detroit Seeks White House Help

  • The rest of the world would gravitate toward this, taking more local currencies off the floating market and pegging them to the world's fiscal superpowers.

    FORBES: One World, One Dollar

  • The floating market will close on 2 September.

    BBC: Boutiques barge into the Olympics

  • His wife, who had been most excited to see the Floating Market, slept even through dinner, for he remembered a meal in the hotel with only Romi and Ruma, in a solarium overlooking a garden, tasting the spiciest food he'd ever had in his life as mosquitoes swarmed angrily behind his children's faces.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Unaccustomed Earth'

  • The yuan, also known as the renmimbi, is not a free-floating currency so the market does not determine its value.

    FORBES: China Sends Message To Harry Reid; Weakens Yuan In Protest

  • For one thing, it is hard to know how much companies have in fact lengthened the maturity of their debts because the interest-rate swap market allows them to swap those fixed bond payments into cheaper floating debt, a popular strategy in the investment-grade market.

    ECONOMIST: Better to feast on cookies than junk bonds

  • And the boom crossed the Atlantic, with UK travel company Lastminute.com, lead by Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane Fox, floating on the London stock market.

    BBC: Internet cafe in Beijing

  • Nor does Lloyds' official fall back position, of floating Verde on the stock market, look particularly appealing, because stock-market valuations of banks are lower in relative terms than even what NBNK has offered for Verde.

    BBC: Why Co-Op may be front runner for Lloyds�� branches

  • Unlike certain other hedge-fund managers, though, he has no interest in making another fortune by floating his firm on the stock market.

    NEWYORKER: Mastering the Machine

  • The idea was a cold-turkey cure for endemic balance-of-payments problems, turning economic management on its head by floating sterling and letting the market dictate the exchange rate.

    ECONOMIST: Post-war Britain

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission is floating several ideas about how to protect money market fund investors in the event of a financial panic.

    FORBES: Government to Tighten Grip on Investments, Again

  • The European Commission is forcing Lloyds to dispose of this operation, which is being rebranded as TSB, to promote competition, and that will still happen - by floating the separated business on the stock market.

    BBC: Will Co-Op pull out of banking?

  • The BOE, with a strong pound and a mortgage market that is almost entirely floating rate, is expected to go higher still, showing the Fed stimulative by contrast.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart Or Malpass?

  • The experts I talked to say the chances of Tilton floating a new CLO in this market or raising a new private equity fund are slim.

    FORBES: Lynn Tilton's Financial Empire: More Details, More Trouble

  • Looking ahead, managers say capital continues to pour into the market from all quarters as investors look for floating-rate, wide-margin opportunities.

    FORBES: Year-end and January Analysis - US Leveraged Loan Market

  • Vodafone said it remained committed to floating the Australian operation and would "continue to monitor market conditions in order to assess the optimal timing for the transaction".

    BBC: Vodafone pulls Aussie float

  • In the first tier of sanctions, Chinese nationals and state-owned enterprises would be barred from securing U.S. bank loans or floating bond offerings on the U.S. debt market.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • By floating the company, it fatally weakened its ability to reform the market.

    ECONOMIST: Enel’s not-so-new look | The

  • For instance, the bank 80% owned by taxpayers, Royal Bank of Scotland, has announced it is floating some of its US business, Citizens, on the stock market and selling a further stake in the insurer Direct Line.

    BBC: Who can boss the banks?

  • In the swaps market, in particular, it seems more attractive to receive floating interest rates and to pay fixed rates.

    ECONOMIST: Nothing to fear but fear itself

  • He thereby acknowledges that at least for economies with small financial sectors floating exchange rates are feasible in the long run only if capital-market integration is slowed down.

    ECONOMIST: It all depends

  • My sources at the Treasury tell me that they are happy with RBS's current proposals to mend itself, which involve shrinking its investment bank and floating a share of its US retail bank, Citizens, on the stock market.

    BBC: Will RBS sell Coutts?

  • The idea of a consolidated audit trail has been floating around for a while, but got added momentum after the May 6 stock market upheaval.

    FORBES: SEC Wants Real Time Trading Data

  • When completed, sometime over the next decade, Sepang Goldcoast will have resorts, amusement parks, a marina, floating market and wildlife habitats.

    BBC: The Maldives meets Dubai, in Malaysia

  • Take, for example, one indicator of the market's appetite for risk, the spread between swaps of fixed- and floating-rate interest payments (see chart).

    ECONOMIST: Nothing to fear but fear itself

  • One big difference is that Australia, unlike the East Asians before their currencies plunged, has a floating exchange rate which can adjust smoothly to market pressures.

    ECONOMIST: Down under

  • Gazprom shares--or at least 49% of them--are about to become free-floating, at which point they will suddenly jumped from nil in the benchmark Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Index to 10% of the weighting--the largest single component, likely to edge out even powerhouse Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung .

    FORBES: Beyond Gazprom

  • Hedge funds do great work for bringing liquidity and precious market signals to the economy, but the simple truth is that absent the chaos wrought by floating money, the economy would require a great deal less in the way of hedge funds.

    FORBES: David Stockman Brings New Meaning To 'Flawed Economic Analysis'

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