• They are arguing - in effect - that the policy is having a positive impact before it is put into place.

    BBC: UK Politics

  • They are arguing over the interest rate on such a note.

    FORBES: Eurozone: The Greek Haircut is Worse Than You Thought

  • In the emerging world, meanwhile, they are not arguing about pensions, but building colleges.

    ECONOMIST: Globalisation

  • They are also arguing that money spent on upgrading laboratories, as President Obama has done, would pump money into the economy quickly while also supporting researchers.

    BBC: Ministers' ?1bn UK science plea

  • Indeed, some newly downgraded journalists are indignant, arguing that they are capable of separating professional and personal matters.

    ECONOMIST: Politics in France

  • Democrats have used filibusters to block a handful of Bush's court picks, arguing they are too conservative to be fair judges.

    CNN: Showdown looms on Senate filibuster

  • Mr De Gucht is proposing levies averaging 47% on the panels, arguing they are being sold below cost and therefore damaging competition.

    BBC: Half of EU members 'oppose China solar tariffs'

  • Legal experts in Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's centre-left coalition of Social Democrats and Greens have warned against giving the police powers, arguing they are forbidden by Germany's post-war constitution.

    CNN: Germany tightens security net

  • Some people even see pensions as a national security issue, arguing they are set to gobble up so much public money that they may crowd out defence spending.

    ECONOMIST: Time to grow up | The

  • Rubin defended these bailouts, which are facing criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, arguing anew that they are critical to both the economic and national security interests of the United States.

    CNN: U.S. Prepares Korea Aid Package

  • Khosla had a more specific analysis of startups from the popular Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, arguing that they are essentially a victim of their own success.

    FORBES: Vinod Khosla: Y Combinator Startups Need Help, Not Hype

  • Last week, the Post reported that the Democrats justify maintaining US support for the PA by arguing that they are simply doing the bidding of the Israeli government.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Squandering Israel's Limited Influence

  • And no one is arguing that they are racial tokens.

    NPR: Bush's Black Legacy

  • Mr Harrison doubts whether the new focus on standards will make much difference in reality, arguing if they are too specific they will be targets in everything but name.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Targeting the NHS targets

  • But delegates from Third World countries have vigorously opposed such criteria, arguing that they are a disguised form of protectionism which will keep out products produced by poor people.

    BBC: World trade dilemmas

  • Last week, in their pre-policy meeting with RBI governor D Subbarao, bankers had argued for a pause arguing that they are yet to pass on the previous rate hikes to customers, the Times of India reported on Monday.

    FORBES: India Banks Prepare for Another Rate Hike

  • Obama has made clear, however, that he has little confidence in the rebels, arguing that they are ideologically fractured, that the rebellion lacks a coherent structure, and that individual groups would be impossible to control and would probably fight each other.

    NEWYORKER: The Thin Red Line

  • But there is still a chance that the impact of digital conversion may be weakened: Some cable operators are arguing that they should be able to keep supplying their customers with analog signals which would allow them to keep watching without an upgrade.

    FORBES: The $75 Billion TV Tab

  • Rushing through the corridors around the House of Lords, between interviews, I happened upon Lord Lester, who's been campaigning for a reform of the laws on defamation ("libel" to you and me), arguing that they are increasingly having "a chilling effect" on free speech.

    BBC: Cheering the changes

  • The BWG is primarily concerned with the role of so-called Supporting Organizations (SOs) in the bylaws, arguing that if they are able to nominate half the directors to the board there will be a conflict of interest.

    CNN: Groups protest ICANN plans

  • McCarthy : If that is what the senators and Rep. King are arguing, I think they're right.

    CNN: Who is our enemy?

  • The parties are very far apart, but they are photographic negatives of each other, arguing about the great issue of the 20th Century: taxation and the size of the state.

    BBC: Newt's long shot at the Moon

  • They do not care that by arguing for a complete halt in "natural" growth, they are effectively adopting a eugenics argument the likes of which no US policy-maker has dared to advance since before the Holocaust.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Avoiding an American ambush

  • Perhaps it is because they feel stymied on economic issues that senior Tories are arguing more about social ones.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • This is akin to arguing that laws are ineffective because they are broken.

    BBC: News Online

  • They attempt to convince us that elections are unnecessary by arguing that there is no difference between political parties today because their short cut to defeat is the only path available to us.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A road paved on reality

  • Many Lords, including some Lib Dems, are opposed for the same reason turkeys seldom cast ballots for Christmas though they are decent enough to go through the ritual of arguing that their wisdom and non-partisanship improve the British polity.

    ECONOMIST: Electing the Lords

  • Dozens of former players have filed lawsuits against the league, arguing that hits they absorbed while playing football are the cause of chronic health problems, including brain damage from multiple concussions.

    WSJ: NFL: New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended for 2012 Season

  • Reading the overview made me wonder what it is that they were looking for, because what they described as being par for the course was what you are already arguing for.

    FORBES: Matt Yglesias on Teacher Compensation

  • Defenders of Arizona's harsh new anti-immigration law are going on the offensive: They are fanning out on TV, radio talk shows and newspaper columns arguing that there is nothing nefarious about this law because all it does is help Uncle Sam enforce its existing laws.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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