• For his part, Hun Sen was quick to deride the trial as a charade.

    ECONOMIST: Cambodia

  • Guidebooks today are quick to deride Niagaras one and two, but they are unanimous in declaring the waterfall splendid.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Inventing Niagara'

  • Moreover, certain religious conservatives and even pseudo-defenders of Ayn Rand may work to deride and even sabotage the Romney-Ryan ticket.

    FORBES: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand: Now That's the Ticket

  • Critics of social entrepreneurship will continue to deride for-profit models for their lack of genuine altruism and will dismiss nonprofit models as unsustainable.

    FORBES: Social Entrepreneurship Predictions for 2013

  • By the 1900s, the cream of Spanish art was in Madrid, London or New York, while shifting tastes led contemporary critics to deride Murillo for being vacuous and overly sentimental.

    BBC: A second chance for Sevillian art

  • To deride, ridicule, discourage and financially penalize those Americans fortunate enough to be making big investments is not only misplaced, but it is also harmful to the very investments in infrastructure and growth companies we desperately need for our economy to grow and create jobs.

    FORBES: U.S. Government's Misguided 'Fixes' Hurt Us All

  • The legislation now stipulates "penalties of imprisonment on any person who creates or runs an electronic website or uses any information technology medium to deride or damage the reputation or stature of the state or any of its institutions, " according to the state news agency, WAM.

    BBC: UAE places restrictions on online dissent

  • While American strikes against al- Qaeda's empty training camps are easy to deride, the Pentagon could perhaps have secured useful information by using its eyes-in-the-sky to observe what happens after the strikes: who comes, in which vehicles, to inspect the damage, and where they go afterwards.

    ECONOMIST: Fighting terrorism: Nation-bruising, nation-building | The

  • Oz-Salzberger went on to elegantly deride the opportunistic and sleazy embrace of the Holocaust by the same European elites who reject Israel's right to exist.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Scapegoating our friends

  • Ozon plainly worships the idea of the grand dame, and the movie allows him both to honor and deride his own devotion.

    NEWYORKER: 8 Women

  • China's efforts are happening at the same time that the U.S. system of food production faces burgeoning backlash from critics at home who deride it as "factory farming" that contributes to less-healthful food and environmental problems.

    WSJ: What China Can Learn From America's Hot Dogs

  • Furthermore they are now more likely to evaluate a man's sexual performance in public and even deride men who "aren't particularly imaginative or clever" in bed, he argues.

    BBC: Just who are men's rights activists?

  • To rally its domestic support, the government has been predicting imminent victory for months, while its lackeys deride its foreign critics as Tiger-strokers and imperialists.

    ECONOMIST: The feared carnage comes to pass

  • While the two are synonymous (same grape) and some wine people deride fume blanc as simply a made-up name and marketing gimmick, there is more to the story. 45 years ago American sauvignon blanc was in its underappreciated infancy, overlooked by many quality winemakers, and what existed tended to be much sweeter and had a negative reputation.

    FORBES: A Great American Wine For Labor Day - And The Rest Of Summer

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