• Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said it would help the government to formulate environmental policies.

    BBC: Brazil to survey Amazon rainforest

  • The postponement "is to allow the new government time to formulate its policies" before the meeting, foreign ministry officials said.

    BBC: Israel warns European critics

  • Until the deadlock is resolved, Italy will remain a country adrift, its government unable to formulate the policies it needs (most urgently, a strategy for boosting economic competitiveness).

    ECONOMIST: Italy's beleaguered prime minister

  • Given the urgency of rapid deterioration, we must accelerate the pace of our work -- to train professionals, to build institutional capacities and to formulate effective public policies.


  • The Institute of Medicine, a group that uses scientific research to formulate public health policies, currently recommends an Adequate Intake, or AI, rather than a specific daily amount of vitamin D.

    CNN: Vitamin D is hot! Here's how to get it

  • It therefore recognizes that States have the right to formulate and implement policies that encourage equitable access to all cultural expressions of the world, and, in so doing, necessarily promotes openness to those expressions of other cultures.

    UNESCO: Diversity of Cultural Expressions

  • "Most developing countries have so far been unable to take full advantage of the advances offered by new information and communication technologies in terms of access to scientific and technological information and learning opportunities, " Mr Matsuura said, calling for international frameworks to help Member States formulate national policies that facilitate access for all to essential information.


  • And these have to greater or lesser degrees impaired the US's ability to formulate and implement rational policies in the region.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: America's descent into strategic dementia

  • The basic reality that the US is being led by a radical ideologue who clings to his views in the face of overwhelming proof of their falsity is the most fundamental fact that world leaders must reckon with today as they formulate policies to contend with the Obama administration.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Avoiding an American ambush

  • Iraq has no institutions with similar instincts to implement policies, let alone formulate them.

    MSN: An occupation without precedent

  • Now the third article which may tie all of this together in a way that should cause government agencies some pause before they formulate or implement any policies to interfere with public communications, even at the scene of mass disorder or criminal acts of violence.

    FORBES: Free Speech v. Denial Of Communications For Public Safety Agencies?

  • And where authorities formulate policies based on idealized human nature rather than real life, one cannot expect adequate measures to be adopted, whether in terms of general awareness-raising, safe-sex education, outreach to high-risk groups or needle-exchange programs.


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