• What does seem to work is something Japan Inc. used to sneer at - shareholder value.


  • But in these splendid establishments perhaps there was simply nothing to sneer at.

    ECONOMIST: A successful restaurant involves more than just good food

  • Meanwhile, they continue to sneer at the company's expected 2001 earnings increase of 12%, which is a little less than 2000's gain over 1999.

    FORBES: Drugs of Choice

  • And it would be easy to sneer at such gender politics.

    ECONOMIST: Working men's clubs

  • Seeing the phantom-like outline of the Dolomites against the night sky, it feels harder to sneer at stories of witches, sorcerers and secret gates to the underworld.

    BBC: Legends of the Italian Dolomites

  • Even some preachers loyal to the fiery Shia preacher Muqtada al-Sadr, who used to sneer at the notion of a fair vote under American occupation, have become far more pliant since he ended the uprising of his rebel Mahdi Army in the Shias' holiest city, Najaf, in August.


  • Browsing on the web allows us to, using the English papers as an example, get our rugby coverage from the Telegraph, celebrity news from the Mail, business news here at Forbes, of course, the crossword from the Telegraph again, soothe our libidos at the Sun and still have time left over to go sneer at the hippies and socialists in The Guardian comment pages.

    FORBES: Will The Mini-Tablets From Apple, Google, Samsung, Revive The Newspaper Industry? Probably Not

  • If Obama really wanted to change politics as usual, rather than sneer at those with whom he disagrees, he had a perfect opportunity to unite the country by scaling back the DHS ammo purchase.

    FORBES: The Power Of Drudge: A Little Civics Lesson For Janet Napolitano And Barack Obama

  • He has even stuck with the Citizen's Charter for public services--a policy at which commentators like to sneer but which has done more to improve services than is ever reported in the national media.

    ECONOMIST: John Major

  • We devalue their contribution, sneer at them and spend our time looking for ways to make life even harder.

    BBC: UK Politics

  • The poor being exploited so those at a higher socio-economic level can sneer and feel superior to the way these people live.

    FORBES: Oxygen Channel: The Business Of Baby Mamas

  • Add to that a low Australian dollar, excellent food and wine, friendly and easy-going people who do not sneer at tourists, because they travel themselves, first-world health and safety standards and a low crime rate, and the place sounds irresistible.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Australia

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