• If recent developments in Slovakia and Slovenia are any guide, it seems that as the economies of east-central Europe converge with the EU15, so too will the transition region's attitude towards flat-rate taxation.

    ECONOMIST: Will more of eastern Europe adopt flat-rate tax regimes?

  • And we trust that during this remarkable time of transition in the region that Jordan will be at the forefront in being able to move a process forward that creates greater opportunity and ensures that Jordan is a model of a prosperous, modern, and successful Arab state under your leadership.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan

  • Stevens argues that the embargo isn't working and she says the U.S. will have trouble getting support in the region for its Cuba transition plans.

    NPR: U.S. Report Outlines Castro's Ouster

  • But if such a transition is to do anything for the region's long-term health, the outside world needs to rethink its approach.

    ECONOMIST: The North Korean succession

  • So far the region's attempts at democratic transition have mostly proved halting and messy.

    ECONOMIST: After Mubarak

  • But the region remains in turmoil and in transition.

    CNN: History's jury is still out on George W. Bush

  • Other countries in the region who have gone through the same transition, such as Malaysia and Singapore, have witnessed impressive developments.


  • And we have actively engaged in the region to support non-violent democratic transition, to support governments that profess and demonstrate support for civil rights of all peoples, both genders and minorities.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • They choose the company based upon the job they would like to attain and the region where they would like to work when they transition from the military.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Military service benefits civilian life

  • In its transition report, the EBRD said that economic growth was steady in the region - but warned that reforms like privatisation and budget restraint were under threat in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

    BBC: EBRD attacks migration backlash

  • And we continue to pursue policies in the region that are aimed at helping these countries that are in transition, through this traumatic transformation that's happening, towards democracy, towards a better future, and towards -- we hope and are working for -- a strong, better relationship with the United States.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The strategically important region has been the subject of intense negotiations aimed at bringing peaceful transition to Croatian rule.

    CNN: Tensions rise as Croat troops mass on border

  • As troops made gains in the region, the French Defense Ministry hailed President Dioncounda Traore's transition plan as a crucial step forward.


  • Those who believe in a gradual integration of the region with China cite increasing trade and tourism as evidence a smooth transition is possible.

    FORBES: Issues & Ideas

  • And this one offers the ruling Muslim Brotherhood-linked Ennahda party the chance to redirect Tunisia's transition in a way that could serve, again, as a blueprint for the region.

    CNN: Why Tunisia's leaders must resist urge for power grab

  • And we see great potential in that relationship both in terms of what the U.S. can do to advance a democratic transition in Burma, but also understanding that Burma is an important country located in an important region, and can become a partner to the United States in ways that will have broader benefits -- economic benefits and regional benefits as well.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

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