• As the rules are transposed into national laws across Europe, differences in interpretation and practice are likely to remain.

    ECONOMIST: Europe's investment regulations

  • The E-Money Directive is transposed into law and applied nationally by the various member countries within the EU Single Market.

    FORBES: Payoneer Quietly Enters Gibraltar Prepaid Market

  • Minnesota is required to do these audits, and it isn't unusual for officials to report that they transposed a number here or there.

    WSJ: Mischief in Minnesota?

  • Samalionis argues that this is an excellent example of where in-field research ultimately inspired an idea that could be transposed to a real-world scheme.

    CNN: The Spirit of Design: Designing the Perfect Consumer

  • Mostly it's a matter of looking for procedural slipups--transposed license-plate digits or the wrong time of day--but a fair number of tickets are outright wrong.

    FORBES: Get Your Tickets Fixed

  • We see today's problems transposed like one of those school art books with the transparent sheet where we can trace an outline over a picture.

    CNN: What Obama can learn from Lincoln

  • The battery-switching system also couldn't be transposed to other vehicles.

    WSJ: Electric-Battery Startup Better Place to Fold

  • Again, the distinction, bewildering on the surface, makes sense transposed to contemporary China: you can engage in the free market, and make every calculation that the University of Chicago demands.

    NEWYORKER: Moon Man

  • In the years since Moreschi last sang, recordings of arias composed for castrati, most of them written by Handel, have been transposed an octave for baritones or are sung by sopranos or countertenors.

    ECONOMIST: Cecilia Bartoli's new album

  • When at long last some of them were revived in the 1920s, they were severely cut down and many of the lead parts, written for the star castrati of Handel's day, were transposed an octave down for a tenor or a baritone, leaving them barely recognisable.

    ECONOMIST: Handel's anniversary

  • "One Man" has its own loose versions of those characters transposed into 1960s England, plus a goofy harlequin type in the lead: Francis Henshall (James Corden), an easily confused young man who has created a jam by employing himself as a gofer to two separate men at the same time.

    WSJ: One Spring, Two Farces

  • An e-commerce directive which is in the process of being transposed into the national statutes of the 15 EU countries says that a Web site should be able to sell its goods and services according to one set of rules -- those of the country where the Web site is based.

    CNN: European justices pass stiff e-commerce law

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