• Most of us feel a twinge of guilt when we gossip about our co-workers.

    FORBES: Why Gossip Is Good For The Office

  • When I look at Real Simple or a West Elm catalogue, I feel a twinge of inadequacy.

    FORBES: Reader Story: In Defense of Clutter

  • Few characters in the stories were admirable, none was clean-cut, but most evoked a twinge of sympathy.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • If you even feel a twinge of excitement about this, click here to apply by June 5.

    FORBES: Connections Help You Succeed: Where Women-Led Tech Companies Make Them

  • Having come of age just as the Vietnam war was winding down, I felt a twinge of excitement.

    FORBES: What to do when the transformative moment arrives

  • Her green eyes meet mine, and the little twinge of sadness I was feeling turns into an undertow.

    NEWYORKER: Indianapolis (Highway 74)

  • Kevin Hughes has not trained over the last 10 days because of a hamstring twinge but he should be available.

    BBC: Clones

  • "George Harrison" is one of the record's slower songs, opting for sparse acoustic guitars and a front porch country twinge.

    NPR: Willie Nelson, Wynton Marsalis Team Up

  • Seattle emergency starter Hector Noesi pitched into the fifth inning in place of ailing Aaron Harang, who felt a twinge in his back Wednesday.

    WSJ: Noesi makes emergency start as M's beat Yanks 3-2

  • There's a twinge of fear, but it's more of an inconvenience for a reporter on deadline because they've all been false alarms until now.

    NPR: Reporter Shares Account Of Bomb Blasts At Marathon

  • "Welcome to the makeup sex, " he said at the start of the show, and I felt a twinge of knowing exactly what he was talking about.

    NPR: Kristin Chenoweth Is 'A Little Bit Wicked'

  • Tuning in, late, to the Golden Globes last Sunday, I felt an unprecedented twinge of pride in the cosmopolitan tastes of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Perhaps, optimists might also hope, the British feel a twinge of collective remorse over the short, pitilessly scrutinised life of Prince William's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Add to that the fact the Hertfordshire club had chances of their own to win it, they may reflect on the result with a twinge of disappointment.

    BBC: Stevenage 1-2 Reading

  • At home, the man on the couch, though filled with admiration for his other, better self, feels a twinge of jealousy, and even, strangely, something like fear.


  • If he ever has a twinge of homesickness as he masters the art of ironing perfect creases into his combat shirts - help will be at hand.

    BBC: 'Cocooned' prince set for battle

  • Yet even if some countries now have a twinge of regret over joining the euro, they know that the pain would get worse still if they left.

    ECONOMIST: The euro: High tensions | The

  • Trans fat chance: There's something about stepping into the air-conditioned domicile of fast-food joints like Wendy's International that incites a twinge in the consumer conscience about healthy eating.


  • Mr Davidson said he "felt a twinge in my lower back" under the strain and suffered a back injury that ended his career as a man of action.

    BBC: Spine

  • Saying something is No. 1 confers a certain degree of honor even America's Most Wanted must feel a twinge of pride so the shame of Penn State will be placed at No. 2.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Scandals, Lockouts and Crazy Comebacks in 2011

  • Aaron Harang, Seattle's scheduled starter, felt a twinge in his back Wednesday and notified the Mariners, who in turn told Hector Noesi to prepare for his first big league start of the season.

    WSJ: Pettitte hurt's back as Mariners beat Yankees 3-2

  • "He sparred with his brother (Eamonn) on Monday and Tuesday and felt a slight twinge but the problem really became apparent when he had a four-round workout with Frenchman Valrey Odin on Wednesday, " said McCausland.

    BBC: SPORT | Boxing | Corbett title tilt called off

  • World record-holder Michael Johnson set the fastest 400m time in the world this year on Saturday and then revealed he had cruised to the 43.92 second time after feeling a slight twinge in his left leg.

    BBC: Johnson

  • There is no doubt, however, that his favored stalking ground is Europe, East and West, and that the era that most consistently arouses his imagination, and to which, with a twinge of pardonable nostalgia, he occasionally harks back, is the Cold War.


  • Many people routinely check their work email at home in the evening, yet those same people may twinge about checking their Facebook page during the day, even though there are plenty of studies to show that taking frequent breaks can actually improve productivity.

    FORBES: At Home in the Office, In the Office at Home

  • But, having prepared myself mentally, and having done a conscientious amount of research on Welsh maritime history over the last few weeks, I must confess to a twinge of disappointment that it's unlikely that I'm actually going to get the chance to experience a journey in a historic ship.

    BBC: No sailing in sight for slate

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