• Local environmental bureaux are under the sway of local governments obsessed with economic growth.

    ECONOMIST: Beijing wants to clear the air for the Olympics

  • With the Russian courts under the sway of orders from above, the outcome of the trial is largely preordained.

    ECONOMIST: A feminist punk band on trial

  • Make no mistake, drug companies would soon come under the sway of the Health Care Financing Administration that runs Medicare.

    FORBES: Fact & Comments

  • It holds out the prospect that Honduras one of the poorest countries in the Americas might fall under the sway of criminal syndicates.

    ECONOMIST: Youth gangs and drug barons: a marriage made in hell

  • Greenspan's Louis XIV "I am the state" proclivities were intensified when he fell under the sway of a strange theory of Ben Bernanke's.

    FORBES: Hamilton Got It Right--Why Can't We

  • Until the Cold War ended, the main fear was that the CLM nations would fall permanently under the sway of the Soviet Union.


  • The greater threat to Afghan stability comes from a resurgent Taliban, still apparently under the sway of its one-eyed former commander, Mullah Mohammed Omar.

    ECONOMIST: Enter the suicide bomber

  • Unlike the north, the medieval Tamil kingdoms, which included most of the south, never came under the sway of Muslim conquerers who dealt a blow to Aryan supremacy.

    CNN: Center Cut

  • She refused to say which mosque her son frequented, but Tsarnaev's parents and aunt firmly denied that he met with militants or fell under the sway of religious extremists.

    NPR: Aunt: Boston Bombings Suspect Struggled With Islam

  • Moreover, the two other great peoples of the region, the Turks and Persians, are both under the sway of governments with an Islamist label, albeit of wildly different hues.

    ECONOMIST: Islamists, elections and the Arab spring

  • Foreign oil companies have gradually returned to Libya since the 2011 revolution that ousted Moammar Gadhafi, but much of Libya remains highly insecure and under the sway of independent militia.

    CNN: Algeria attack may have link to Libya camps

  • He falls under the sway of a self-help guru (Terence Stamp), whose exhortations to say yes to everything and everyone launch Carl on a series of frenetic misadventures which, of course, come out right in the end.

    NEWYORKER: Yes Man

  • She likes the fact that the Chinese are clean and polite and feels sorry for the ordinary Chinese vendors in the local street-market who seem to be working under the sway of a rich and powerful compatriot.

    ECONOMIST: The Greeks and the Chinese

  • And there was no way that the Pentagon would continue to classify BAE as a privileged supplier of sensitive technology if it felt that the company was somehow under the sway of two foreign governments - even governments, in the form of France and Germany, regarded as allies.

    BBC: How Germany killed the merger of BAE and EADS

  • After ruminating on it for almost 15 years, Mr Fowles turned in a work that was full of Shakespearean and Homeric allusion, the story of an English teacher in Greece who falls under the sway of a fabulously wealthy magician, the Magus of the title, and his parallel fantasy universe.

    ECONOMIST: John Fowles

  • And the scrutineers are explicitly exhorted not to form any sort of cabal or make any plans to sway the election, under pain of excommunication.

    CNN: How secure is the papal election?

  • By the 1930s, under the chairmanship of Ernest Oppenheimer, De Beers' cartel had near total sway over the trade.

    FORBES: Fracture Lines

  • But as long as voters outnumber doctors and ever larger swaths of our health care system come under government sway, there is an inexorable logic to the process.

    FORBES: If Health Care Is A Basic Human Right, Can Doctors Be Rationed?

  • Having been itself attacked by extremists on numerous occasions in recent months and having seen more territory along the border come under terrorist sway, the military has no illusions about the threat extremist violence now presents to itself or to the integrity of the Pakistani state.

    CNN: Analysis: What if Pakistan's opposition wins?

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