• All the ambiguities of borderlands and the people who wander about them must submit to the central will.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

  • Others have turned to peddling away while wander about the virtual realms of online game "World of Warcraft" to burn off calories.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • On the paths between buildings, mule deer wander about, nibbling at potted plants and twitching their ears as rumpled engineers shuffle past, lost in calculation.

    NEWYORKER: The Martian Chroniclers

  • It was his lot to wander about in a misty forest, among insects, plants, and a general absence of culture, while luxurious trains hurtled into the distance.

    NEWYORKER: Among Animals and Plants

  • From the Seaplane Harbour, wander about 1.5km south through the residential streets of Kalamaja to reach the Balti jaam market behind the eponymous main train station.

    BBC: Tallinn��s cultural renaissance, step by step

  • With a small onsite art gallery, this is a delightful place to stop and wander about, drinking in the aromas of the herbs and the whimsy of the artwork, some of it placed about the gardens.

    BBC: Travel - The tragic story behind Canada��s newest World Heritage Site

  • It is also about the power of curiosity, which can drive two guys to wander the world to find out about a man whose music they love.

    ECONOMIST: A strange and lovely story of ambition fulfilled

  • Visitors can wander the grounds, learn about the craft of Scotch whisky, and tour the two-storey malt barn warehouse, kiln and other original sections of the distillery.

    BBC: Exploring Scotland��s historic whisky trail

  • It featured Gates pretending to wander the country in search of tales about Buffett and calling Melinda with them from pay phones.

    CNN: In Search Of The Real Bill Gates

  • The equally appealing mess tent invites visitors to spend the day simply moving from cushion to cushion, and neighbors wander in for a drink and a chat--about the nearby elephant conservancy or the latest political gossip.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • America's Library of Congress used the web to create an electronic version of an exhibition of manuscripts from the Vatican, letting an electronic visitor wander from link to link, looking at pictures and reading about them rather as a real visitor might stroll from corridor to corridor.

    ECONOMIST: From the archive

  • Indeed, you wander in the courtyard of your average assembly hall and you get the sense Chow Yun Fat is about to break out of the walls in a spectacularly choreographed fight scene.

    BBC: Penang: Malaysia in miniature

  • About an hour south of Recife, Tamandare is an unpretentious beach town with a shore you can wander for miles and explore nearby wetlands.

    CNN: 8 of Brazil's best beaches

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