• But also gang members wanted for arrest. 10.23.35 Clive Myrie The community of Southeast is divided between those in the gangs and law abiding citizens and sometimes they live under the same roof. 10.23.47 Deputy Chief Hillmann At our location we came up with a shotgun, we came up with two of the main players for the gang, some narcotics in the backhouse.


  • Whereas in April the Americans said they wanted to arrest Mr Sadr for the murder last year of a fellow cleric, Mr Allawi has indicated that he would be happy if the Mahdi Army simply left Najaf.

    ECONOMIST: Can the new government uphold the rule of law?

  • Law enforcement in the case she responded to had the cell phone number for a criminal suspect they wanted to arrest.

    FORBES: Police Can't Ask Your Mobile Phone Where You Are In Order To Arrest You

  • The European Union brought in a long-contested warrant that allows police in one country to arrest people wanted in another for any of 32 crimes, many of them unrelated to terrorism.

    ECONOMIST: Civil liberties

  • Grand Prairie police issued a warrant for his arrest and placed him on their Most Wanted list, but by then he had vanished.

    FORBES: Wanted

  • It cannot wash its hands in Pontius Pilate fashion of either the ICC-wanted M23 warlord Bosco Ntaganda, also known as The Terminator, or Laurent Nkunda, who is wanted by the Congolese government for war crimes and is under house arrest in Kigali.

    CNN: How Obama can end Congo conflict

  • The Mexican authorities had listed him among their most wanted criminals and offered a 15 million peso reward for information leading to his arrest.


  • SINGAPORE After eluding arrest for more than a year, a Singaporean man wanted by European authorities for allegedly fixing hundreds of soccer matches world-wide is now cooperating with Singaporean investigators.

    WSJ: Singapore Says Suspect Is Helping Soccer Probe

  • But it led to the arrest of a major military figure who was wanted by world legal organizations for many years.

    FORBES: Should They Ban The Girl Epidemic?

  • Police said Mr. Smith had an extensive arrest history, for crimes including robbery, assault and promoting prison contraband, and had been wanted since April 25 for absconding from parole.

    WSJ: Police Officer Accidentally Shot Hofstra Student

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