• The new regulations were originally introduced by President Obama to better protect the environment from polluted water and potential earthquakes.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Janin highlights isolated communities in Africa and South America as well as remote islands in Asia that have little or no access to safe drinking water as potential beneficiaries of the technology.

    CNN: Wind turbine creates water from thin air

  • Meanwhile, several logistics and information technology start-ups like PurFresh and Nova Analytics are implementing new systems to help executives manage potential water-shortage crises more effectively.

    FORBES: The Water-Industrial Complex

  • John Sullivan of the Boston Water and Sewer Commission testified that since September 11 the nation's drinking water utilities have been on a heightened state of alert to protect against the potential disruption of water service and biological or chemical contamination of drinking water.

    CNN: FBI: 'No specific, credible threats' to drinking water

  • These phenomena exacerbate the disparities in water access and associated potential conflicts.


  • The company developed GAIA to evaluate the effect of its product ingredients on water and identify any potential for toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation.

    FORBES: Diving Deeper: How High Should We Set the Bar?

  • Sooner or later, with or without highly restrictive drilling rules for offshore deep water wells, the potential of this play can not be ignored by the major oil companies.

    FORBES: Jim Bob Moffett Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

  • In addition to an increased potential for water and air pollution, critics say new mines would disturb large areas of land, creating breeding grounds for invasive species and harming wildlife.

    FORBES: Obama Administration to Ban Uranium Mining at the Grand Canyon

  • Water for Elephants has potential.

    FORBES: Why Taylor Lautner Could Turn Out to Be Twilight's Biggest Star

  • Scottish Water was aware of the potential harm that could be caused if this vital equipment was not repaired.

    BBC: Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch

  • Dickerson does not believe either private equity investors or any other water utility companies would be interested in American Water Works because of the potential high price.


  • Guernsey Water is investigating whether or not pollution laws have been breached because of the potential risk to the island's water supplies.

    BBC: Guernsey

  • However, the company added that it saw "great potential" for bottled water.

    WSJ: America's new love: Water

  • During the Water Cooperation 2013 Campaign, which includes the Year and the Day, efforts around the world at local, national and international levels will help to raise awareness on the potential and challenges for water cooperation, facilitate dialogue among actors, and promote innovative solutions for nurturing water cooperation.

    UNESCO: World Water Day on Water Cooperation

  • The United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the ??United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation?. The objective of this International Year is to raise awareness on the potential for increased cooperation, and on the challenges facing water management in light of the increase in demand for water access, allocation and services.

    UNESCO: logo

  • The other water issue associated with fracking is the potential of the technology to contaminate existing drinking supplies.

    BBC: Fracking: Untangling fact from fiction

  • The area is now more likely to become open water each summer, bringing forward the potential date when the summer sea ice will be completely gone.

    CNN: Arctic ice to vanish in summer, report says

  • Holder said his lawyers are looking for potential violations of the Clean Water Act, The Oil Pollution Act, The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Endangered Species Acts, and other criminal statutes.

    FORBES: For BP, It Gets Even Worse

  • If these needed protein sources were to come primarily from livestock there is the very real potential for catastrophic pollution of water and land, not to mention the exponential increase in carbon emissions.

    CNN: Oceans: Environmental victim or savior?

  • Among the yuckiest fears of urban victims of superstorm Sandy was the potential for all that sea water surging into subway and sewer tunnels to displace the millions of rats who call the underground their home.

    FORBES: No Rat Exodus Reported From NYC Tunnels. Millions Of Them Likely Drowned

  • However, it does continue to pursue uranium enrichment and the construction of a heavy water reactor, both of which have military potential.

    BBC: Liam Fox: Iran may have a nuclear weapon by 2012

  • Potential suppliers of gasoline, bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and plywood could also be doing lots of other things with their time and energy.

    FORBES: Price Gouging Laws Still Hurt Storm Victims

  • Although seemingly a problematic feature, their effective management also a greater potential for developing sustainable solutions to water resources issues than any other type of water system.

    UNESCO: Summary

  • The note summarizes the broad scientific consensus on the potential impact of climate change on water resources and water users as well as helps us understand the environmental, social and economic implications.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • In this case you store electricity as the potential gravitational energy in the weight of water.

    FORBES: A123 Bites the Dust Because They Forgot Their ABCs

  • Its polymer technology also carries the potential for other application markets, including water desalination, ultra-capacitors and energy generation, chemical and biohazard resistant fabrics, and immersion coatings.

    FORBES: Cleaning Up Office Air

  • "We are aggressively responding with our state and local partners to mitigate the fire and prevent any potential impacts from oil that entered the water, " said Cmdr.

    NPR: Blaze Erupts After Tug Hits Pipeline On La. Bayou

  • At Commons question time on 31 January 2011, Dr Fox said Tehran was continuing to pursue uranium enrichment as well as the construction of a heavy water reactor, both of which had "military potential".

    BBC: Liam Fox: Iran may have a nuclear weapon by 2012

  • Furthermore, the participants of seminar gave practical suggestions for improvement of scientific-research and educational potential of investigation and usage of underground water with an adoption of information and communication technologies, including geographical information system and present-day simulation methods and forecasting approach.


  • The biggest potential risks following an earthquake center around clean water, safe food, shelter, and disposal of waste.

    FORBES: The Tsunami's Impact On Public Health

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